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Explore all of your Las Vegas Nevada real estate options and take a look at the different areas and communities before you decide upon any Homes for sale In Las Vegas. There are many avenues that you can choose to research the area and what they offer.

Please Contact me if you need a lender that is prequalifying for homes or try The Home Loan Advisor for free quotes on financing and refinancing.

Home prices in LV are still low! Median property asking prices are around $275,000, but they go much lower in many areas, this is just an average. The average was $120,200 in 1996

The average days on the market right now are about 96.

This may change your thoughts on thinking this is a repo or bank owned dominant market anymore!
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This will be the "Year of the demise of the Short Sale" Do you want to just sell your home for fast cash? Visit We Buy Houses Nevada or contact Me Confidentially for a FREE consultation. You can talk to me via email about your situation, I can cash you out of your house in about 14 days or less. PS: if you do a short sale, YOU DO NOT HAVE to PAY an attorney out of pocket, I handle them for FREE, the bank pays the commission and the fees.

The bank pays the Realtor to handle the transaction for you. Please visit our Short Sale Page for FREE information and how to Contact me.


Make sure you check out our LAS VEGAS NEVADA REAL ESTATE BLOG and feel free to contribute. Get tips and info on Mortgages, other peoples experiences, suggestions and more.

Released January 2013

Nevada Home Again program for distressed homeowners, please see the youtube videos Press Release, English Home Again Video, Spanish Home Again Video.

Please feel free to Contact me if you need further guidance.

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The current up front mortgage insurance premium UPMIP is 1.75%. Say you have a $100,000 loan amount. The new monthly mortgage insurance premium would now be 1.75% of $100,000 divided by 12 months = $145.84 per month. Furthermore, effective June 3, 2013, all monthly mortgage premiums will now continue for the LIFE of the loan on a minimum down FHA loan.

If somebody was putting the minimal down-payment of 3.5% on a 30 year loan, they would pay that mortgage insurance mentioned in the first paragraph for the life of the loan or 30 years.

That’s not good. Before, after paying down your mortgage for 5 years and you have reached 78% LTV, then this mortgage insurance is cancelled i.e. you don’t have to pay them anymore. Now if you have a 30 year loan, you would be paying it for 30 years.

Additionally, effective April 1, 2013, FHA will now require borrowers with Fico’s less than 620 and debt to income ratios exceeding 43% to be manually underwritten. Manually underwriting a loan is actually 50-50 chance of getting approved as opposed to automated underwriting.

If you can switch to conventional loans try to if possible. Sometimes you have to go FHA because of a recent foreclosure or bankruptcy so you will not have a choice. Or maybe you are dealing with low credit scores and have to go FHA.

Perhaps you are looking
at a rental property

You have an opportunity to Learn about Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate while you live in the area and get a true sense of where you would like to be permanently before buying. There are rental assistance websites that can assist you with a rental property. On this particular site, you can search properties and look at the featured or represented property management companies to find someone to represent you. You can also Contact me for a referral or help.

One of the best things you can do is find a reputable, licensed Las Vegas real estate agent. They can be your best resource to find the living situation that fits your desires or needs. They have listings of homes, builders, and rental properties. Do you need security deposit assistance, please visit NV Rental Deposit Program

They also work with corporations to find adequate housing for a short time or on a long-term basis. You might also need help with affordable storage solutions. Try Sparefoot, they have many Las Vegas Self Storage listings.

Some companies may feature properties in the Summerlin district, Downtown Las Vegas, or the world famous Las Vegas Strip. Looking for real estate advice? Find the best experts in your area with unbiased reviews at Angie’s List

Starting Fresh

Maybe you would like to have a home built. There are many benefits to having a custom built home and there are many builders that offer a variety of styles and price ranges; some may even offer direct financing. I have some connections if you want to email me.

Okay, you have decided that you are going to bite the bullet and buy a new home. Las Vegas does not have a shortage of those, either. A qualified real estate agent will be able to pair you up with the home that fits your needs.

The first step is to get prequalified with a reputable Las Vegas lending institution. Your trusted real estate agent will be able to assist you in finding one. Also, don't forget to look into the recently foreclosed properties, you may just find your dream home at a discount price!

Search for Rent to Own Homes Nationwide.

FREE Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate Short Sale Help

Do you need help with a short sale? Doing a short sale with me is FREE, the bank or leinholder pays for your agent to represent you. Get a FREE, NO Pressure! consultation from me

Go Prepared

There are many options when it comes to Las Vegas Nevada real estate. It can be overwhelming, but if you do some research and have a good team, behind you, then you can ease some of that stress and just enjoy living in one of the most exciting metropolitan cities the United States has to offer.

Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate Investors have so many alternative avenues to invest in real estate whether it is property buying and selling, or real estate note buying and selling or even participating in a pool of investors that work together for the greater good. Feel free to Contact me anytime for questions about these great avenues.

More helpful info

Some Down Payment assistance programs that are currently being offered for Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate are:

  • The City of Henderson This page will lead you to the informational pages of The City of Henderson Neighborhood Services First time homebuyer program. For qualified borrowers, they offer up to $10,000 deferred interest down payment assistance.
  • The State of Nevada This is the page for Nevada homeowner assistance programs. Habitat for Humanity, housing counseling, State of Nevada First Time buyer program and many more.
  • Nevada Rural Housing Authority
    This Authority is involved in the Home at Last program which offers many options for buyers and areas that qualify. There is down payment assistance, special tax credits and many more great programs.
  • CCCS and The City Of North Las Vegas also has a down payment assistance program. Visit here to give them a call.
  • Neighborhood Housing Services of Southern Nevada From charity fundraising to affordable housing, this place has a lot of heart. They also offer homebuyer education and down payment assistance programs as well as the Back to Work program in which employers can assist with the buyers down payment. You can also learn about Home Again the Nevada homeowners relief program on this website.
Other organizations are out there to help also such as Consumer Credit Counseling Service. Most down payment contributions require a Home buyer education Class to purchase Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate. Get help Raise Your Credit Score Now, professional guidance.

These Classes are also offered in Spanish. These range about 6 hours and discuss:

Even if you are NOT a first time homebuyer, many FHA loans can be obtained with as little as 3.5% down payment to purchase Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate.

The maximum house loan you can get with FHA is $417,000, but this buys a mass selection of Vegas Homes and North Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada homes.

I would like to encourage you if you are looking to buy a home, take advantage of the incredible home prices and low interest rates that are out there right now!

You can also look at Las Vegas HUD homes, for owner occupant purchasers, they are currently offering $100 down payment and a $1000 closing contribution for full price offers. You must use a HUD registered Nevada real estate agent to put in an offer, such as Elizabeth K Hammack, GRI, the owner of this site!

Your experienced HUD registered Las Vegas Realtor, can help you pre-qualify with a HUD certified mortgage provider and help you prepare all paperwork necessary to submit an offer, your HUD certified agent also has a HUD key to show you HUD homes upon request.

Most of the Las Vegas real estate for sale is going to be bank owned, Free list of every Bank & Government Foreclosure in the Nation! REO's are the common name, the reason for this is predatory lending that caused so many people to lose their homes.

Then even if they tried to sell it, they either did not have enough equity to get out of it due to the major artificial inflation that took place in our Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate Market or they were somehow related to the real estate industry ... either a real estate agent, lender or even worked at a bank that closed down.

It is a very sad time in history, but the important thing to remember is if we want to raise our economy and property values, we have to stay active in our spending.

I dont mean go out and buy things, I mean if you have a stable job and the income to buy a home, go buy it, there are some great deals to be had right now in a Las Vegas Real Estate purchase!

Sellers are now experiencing multiple offers. Even the short sale properties.

If you are not behind in payments, but help with an adjustable rate loan that is coming due, please contact me Elizabeth K Hammack, GRI or visit HUDS page for information on all of the Help For Homeowners Programs, this program can also help you when you are behind in payments on Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate, and do not want to sell your home. The Hope for Homeowners program was designed to help homeowners stay in their homes.

Search for Foreclosures Nationwide!

If you want to try to sell your home and you are behind in payments, you might be able to negotiate a short sale which is a deal that your bank makes to take less than what is owed on the mortgage. Please contact your Realtor regarding Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate for these issues or see information pages regarding these issues on this website before proceeding with a short sale, etc

Buying Rehabs

How many weeks can I go on about buying rehabs? The number one rule is you must buy right. If you pay too much you are stuck and this market is volatile, I am not trying to scare you, but be smart and cautious.

Scroll to middle of screen and download form. Rehab property is tough to break into in Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate, because if you are an investor, you will have trouble getting a loan with less than 25% down and then if the condition is too bad, they won't loan on it so you need cash or hard money.

Another option is to try for a Homepath Home.

Hard Money can cost you 5 points (5% of the loan amount) at close plus anywhere from 10% to 14% interest usually paid in monthly payments of interest only.

These loans are usually short term like 6 months to a year maximum or you must refinance.

Thank you for visiting us at Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate.

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  • Build Your Own Pool  My housewives and honey do's guide to building your own pool, we did it and saved $14,000!

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