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I live in Henderson Nevada and I can see the Las Vegas Strip from my upstairs window.  As a matter of fact I can see the whole Las Vegas Valley from mountain to mountain. Living in Henderson NV pros and cons are just like living in Las Vegas but I have to say better due to the city that runs it.

The entire valley encompassing Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas is actually quite small and a lot is crammed in this little valley.

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In its entirety, it is not that big but certainly expanding.  Currently Henderson has over 310,446 residents and it has a history and great qualities all it's own.

You will find abundant churches of all denominations, types and styles, schools both public and private and abundant parks and recreation amenities.

The activities offered by the city are endless as well!

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They have incredible playgrounds and water features which we call "splash pads" for summer play.  These are FREE and located at a lot of their public parks.  You can visit here to find the locations.

The parks and amenities are in abundance in this city, it is as if no expense was spared for their residents.  I find it interesting that this city is literally right next to Las Vegas yet seems to take so much more pride in it's service and care to public areas than Las Vegas City.

Henderson Nevada Amazing City History ..

Henderson Nevada was born during World War II with the building of the Basic Magnesium Plant. The Basic Magnesium plant supplied the US War Department with magnesium for ammunition and airplane parts.

Mayor Jim Gibson's grandfather, Fred Gibson (visit here and scroll down for a history), was one of the original engineers sent to Great Britain to learn the secret of creating the magnesium which would eventually help the United States and the allies win the war. 

But, in 1947, magnesium production was no longer necessary for defense and most of the 14,000 BMI employees moved away. History Continued at page bottom..

Great Henderson Nevada Resources

  • Official City Website - business licensing, parks, employment, maps of parks and trails and recreation centers, departments, demographics and so much more.
  • Downtown Redevelopment Project - Redevelopment incentives are in place now for improvement in these designated areas to make a more dense and active community bringing life back to this area.
  • Chamber of Commerce - Which is focused on helping the current business community succeed and also offers many avenues to help startup businesses network and get involved in the community
  • Utilities Department - This is only for water and sewer. The power company is NV energy and the gas company is Southwest Gas.
  • Henderson Nevada Zip Code Map - Showing all of the Henderson Nevada Zip Codes - Open this file and view or print this map of the zip codes and locations in the city
  • Department of Cultural Arts and Events - Concerts, performances, Golden Knight game public viewings, art exhibits, festivals, civic events, venues and event calendars
  • City Parks Map - A complete map you can open or print of the city parks and locations
  • Department of tourism - Incentives for residents and businesses, job training, conservation, redevelopment
  • Henderson Nevada Homes For Sale - Enjoy this DIRECT TO MY personal REALTOR Multiple Listing home search feed.  FREE and up to the minute accurate homes not like a 2 to 3 day delay on Realtor.com and Zillow.com etc. Get an agent with 27 years of experience serving the Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Boulder City areas and find your home today.
  • Henderson Ice Hockey Training Facility - Enjoy this Las Vegas Sun News article rendering and informational article. The Convention Center was demolished to begin this project.
  • City of Henderson Fire Department - There is a fire department for every city here.  We also have a Clark County fire department, so there is Henderson fire, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, North Las Vegas Fire and Clark County Fire.
  • Area Newspaper - We have several, but this on is the second largest and I like their community news. Plus the Review Journal is charging to read their articles online now, so I don't support that, I go to the Sun or Fox News etc.

Please click here to read the latest issue of Henderson Happenings, this is a very large and complete guide to all of the recreational, leisure activities, classes, trips, etc.  that are available at all of the Henderson Nevada recreational centers throughout the city.

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Each issue of this magazine gets mailed to the residents of Henderson City and it is a great guide for seniors looking for things to do with other seniors, parents looking for affordable dance classes or tot tumbling classes, or even childcare.

There is a dance section for all ages, adults too, there are trips to California, nature trips, the mountains, trips to Laughlin.

From gardening to kids cooking and baking in the live kitchens, you will be amazed at the community feel and participation of the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

City Recreation Centers -
Where most classes and events take place

  • Silver Springs Recreation Center - 1951 Silver Springs Parkway (Valle Verde Drive and Green Valley Parkway) Henderson NV 89074 702-267-5720

Want to know the real reason Henderson Nevada has won the hearts of residents and visitors?  Well, it has a lot to do with the small town feel, the green tree lined streets, the great Country Clubs, the Golf Courses, and definitely the abundant shopping.

There is a social opportunity in everything you do here.  With outdoor malls like "The District" and great events at the Henderson Pavilion

Find clubs and organizations that make you feel right at home.  Hope to see you soon at the neighborhood Whole Foods Market which has Sprockets Bar and grill!

Important City of Henderson Nevada -
Contact Phone Numbers

Henderson History Continued ....

 ... Enrollment in the school system was reduced by 2/3 and well over half the town site houses, built to house plant workers, went vacant.  In 1947 the United States War Asset Administration actually offered Henderson Nevada for sale as a war surplus property.

The Nevada Legislature spent a weekend visiting the city and evaluating the possibility of state administration of Basic Magnesium plant in an effort to save the city.

Within days of the visit, the legislators unanimously approved a bill giving the Colorado River Commission of Nevada the authority to purchase the industrial plants.  The Bill was signed on March 27, 1947, helping save Henderson from becoming war surplus property.

With the help of local industry, the City of Henderson, Nevada, was officially incorporated on April 16, 1953.  On May 23, 1953 with its population of 7,410 an about 13 square miles in size, the City quickly began to grow and flourish.

Today, the City of Henderson has grown to more than 107 square miles and is the second larges city in Nevada.  The city's official slogan is "Henderson - A place to Call Home" reflects a community that enjoys small town values while benefiting from big city efficiencies with its approximate population around 293,000 (2017). 

The city celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2016, a testament to the community's long standing support for it's residents, arts and cultural program, public events, parades, senior citizen support and so much more!

The City hosts Nevada's only scenic Bird Preserve and a variety of other cultural events as well.  Of all of the cities within Clark County, Henderson has perhaps the brightest future for Southern Nevada.

Master Planned Community -
Henderson Nevada 
Residential Areas :

Such as Green Valley and Green Valley Ranch, Anthem, Seven Hills, MacDonald Highlands, Sun City and Inspirada, progressive business development, new roads and public works projects and incredible schools serve to make Henderson, Nevada one of the nation's most sought after communities.

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