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The Las Vegas Yellow Pages are actually produced by more than one company. There are actually two major suppliers of yellow page phone directories here, but many smaller and group categorized versions as well.

All of the information I was able to find for you is listed here, but as always, if you hear of anthing new, please let us know so that we can get it out to the community.

Century Link #1

  • Formerly Embarq

This is confusing, because we were Embarq printed by DEX and now Embarq is Century Link and still the book is printed by DEX, but Century Link does not have Nevada listed on their phone book source page yet?? anyway...

If you look at the book itself, it references

This main phone book produced by our local phone company can be ordered here, you can also shop the phone company product packages or find a person, place or thing on their website.  This used to be the go to for advertising although now most advertising has moved to internet.

The book covers a few other cities as well, namely Blue Diamond, Boulder City, Henderson and North Las Vegas.

Inside the Las Vegas Yellow Pages you can find community pages with schools, sports, transportation, maps, parks, recreation and leisure and more. If you do not have your guide yet, please visit our Nearby Community Page which will tell you more about the area and surrounding area.

Phone service pages with features, instructions, international calling and general information.

Also, Government pages with City, County, State and even Paiute Tribal phone numbers and contact information. Again, if you do not have your guide yet, please feel free to visit our city page with a lot of resources and information for you about Las Vegas. 

The white pages have all of your alphabetical listings by name of anyone that has a phone line that has not paid to be unlisted...and then the yellow pages which are your paid advertisers and their eye catching ads.

You will even find coupons in the book from advertisers. Most times when the books are delivered, there is the yellow page super thick book usually for 6 month time range per issue and the white pages come separately. There is also a separate Henderson version that gets printed once per year.

So for all intensive purposes, here is the link to Dex Knows the online yellow pages for Las Vegas. This is practically a replica of the printed book in internet form.

Nevada 2-1-1!

Did you know that Nevada has a FREE information line
that you can call for help in Nevada
? help and human services like food, shelter, disaster Mental health, childrens health, addiction intervention Financial - food stamps, job training, WIC womens
infants and childrens aid, education Senior help- meals on wheels, healthcare
and other services Support for children and families Community Crisis help

Yellow Book #2

  • Trying to compete - This is a Las Vegas Yellow Pages directory that is in second running, but I am not sure that they are doing so well. I never have used it. They deliver one to my door every 6 months though. I do love their "little version" however, this is great to keep in your vehicle console for convenience.

These are the main books that get delivered to your front door, but there are several others that are more of niche type references that you should know about.

Do you have a certain affiliation or niche that you would like to support? Well, the opportunities are there to support the businesses of your special group.

Christian Directory

  • This is a great Christian yellow page resource for Las Vegas. If you want to support your fellow Christians, this is a great directory for you to se. Published annually.

Las Vegas Yellow Pages Dot Com

  • Online and at your fingertips, one of our most popular search sites for local businesses and residents. Las Vegas.  

Whether you are a resident here or just searching for a company that you know is reputable, there are a few places you can count on, one being the Southern Nevada BBB and the other is the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

Known for its reputation in upholding reputable businesses, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce can be a great resource for finding not only business partners or business networks, but also companies to do business with.

You can search the LV Chamber FREE here.

Gay Las Vegas Yellow Pages

  • Are you part of the gay, transgender or bisexual community? This phone book is packed full of advertisers from your niche. If you would like to support this community, you can get a FREE copy here.

Las Vegas Kids Directory

  • Looking for information on things for kids? Party ideas and vendors? Specialty items? swimming schools? You name it, if it is for kids, find out about it here

. Thank you for visiting Las Vegas Yellow Pages. Only here can many compete for the same business. I dont know what you think, but I feel that with Google, I am hardly even looking at the Yellow Pages anymore...what are your thoughts?

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