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There is a lot to take in in terms of Las Vegas information. There are statistical facts and fun facts that are relevant to the entertainment capital. Some facts of interest that you might find include: 

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Interesting Stats

  • Over 603,488 residents of Las Vegas and growing, this does NOT include nearby Henderson City which has more than 270,000!
  • Approximately 40-50,000 people relocate to Las Vegas and its surrounding areas each year
  • Nevada is one of seven states without personal income tax
  • Casinos make so much money and are greatly taxed, so there is not a need for personal income tax
  • Las Vegas has some of the best schools and is the 5th largest school district with over 320,000 students.
  • Gaming was legalized in 1931
  • Las Vegas does not experience weather extremes, like snow, hurricanes, or frost. Here is a practical guide on everthing from adjusting to temperatures to registering your pet on the LV chambers Living in Las Vegas Tips.
  • Las Vegas is only 4-5 hours away from the West Coast and all it has to offer

Las Vegas Information Phone Book

Or..Yellow Book, our local Yellow Pages is published by DEX and the online version can be found right here! We also publish a Yellow Book.

For a complete written guide from an expert that is full of stats facts, maps, pick up a copy of one of these complete guides:

A Few Fun Facts

There are many fun facts that can be entertaining to read about, especially while traveling to Las Vegas. A few off the top of my head are:

  • There are 1701 licensed gambling venues in Las Vegas and that number only continues to grow
  • 169,370 is the number of slot machines within the city limits. You will find them at the airport, gas stations, Laundromats, restaurants, and even some public bathrooms! This number used to be over 200,000.  Whats going on?
  • 15,000 pillowcases are washed daily for just one large casino/hotel
  • There is a monorail system that runs the length of the Strip
  • An average hotel room costs about $119.00
  • 222 couples are married daily in Las Vegas

This is just a small sampling of the gathered fun facts about Las Vegas. There are more stories and facts about the actual casinos, hotels, restaurants, and more; including ghost stories.

Visit here for a complete video history of Las Vegas starting in the 1900's from mobs to "The Entertainment Capital of the World".

Information Resources For Las Vegas

Besides just reading endless books, checking out websites, or watching informational DVDs, the Chamber of Commerce is an excellent source of Las Vegas information. The chamber can point you to:

  • All the pertinent visitor information
  • Employment opportunities
  • Community events
  • Relocating information
  • Business links
  • And much more...Visit the Chamber

If you want or need some Las Vegas information then you will not be disappointed. There are endless facts and figures about one of the most entertaining cities of the world.

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