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Altogether Las Vegas Weather is amazing! Sure it gets up to about 117 degrees in the heart of summer ok sometimes 122, but that is short lived temperatures. You can pretty much swim from the middle of March to the middle of October.

If you are visiting at any time, remember it can rain even when it is hot and always bring a sweater, because it may be hot outside, but the casinos are always well air conditioned.

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December 18, 2008

Our Las Vegas weather makes us one of the top vacation destinations of the world.

We are located in the Mojave Desert which is similar to the climates of other vacation destinations such as Death Valley, Kelso Dunes and Laughlin. The best two months are April and October, as I am writing it is October 31, 2011 Halloween and it was about 95 degrees yesterday.

You will not have to worry about any horrific weather conditions while you are here, so you can safely plan your trip anytime of year! Our worst commonality is high Winds.

Everyday Is Sun Day with Las Vegas Weather - Sometimes... Except for when it snows :)

    Las Vegas experiences over 300 days of sun! Yes, that is true.  Over 300 days of sunshine! Who can deny the attraction to those statistics? However, with the sun can bring the heat. During the summer months you have to be careful of extremely high temperatures. High temperatures and all of our FREE alcohol don't mix, so keep hydrated. Also, don't forget the sunscreen.

The Winds of Vegas

    At certain times of the year, especially spring, there can be strong winds. While you are on the Strip, the wind can get caught within the buildings and create wind tunnels. Some of the attractions are not allowed to run during these times so if you are visiting for certain reasons, you might want to call ahead. The Stratosphere and the roller coasters have to have prime conditions to operate safely, so expect delays or shut downs if it is an extremely windy day.

Snow In Las Vegas?

    No, not usually in Vegas proper, however, it is becoming more common.  
    If you want to ski while on vacation though, then you are in luck because you do not have to travel too far to Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort; while the city is in the bowl of the desert, there are high mountains that surround Las Vegas.
    These mountains will have snow atop of them during the winter and into the spring. The mountains are Mount Charleston and they boast a ski and snowboard resort, a beautiful hotel and a lodge. A quick drive will bring you to some of the most breathtaking views and 10-20 degrees cooler, so be sure to dress for it.

Enjoy the Lake Year Round

Anytime of year, you will find something to enjoy about our Lake Mead Recreational Area.  It has suffered a significant loss of water, so you should take a boat out to really be able to enjoy the better parts of the lake but it is nice to have this wonderful amenity in the middle of the desert. 

From boating to museums and history to partying for Spring Break! Don't miss it, they even offer romantic cruises on the Lake.  

Vacation planning can be exciting and one thing that always has to be considered is the Las Vegas weather. Las Vegas is known for so many things, including the beautiful predictable weather. There is not much need to prepare for the Las Vegas weather and you can spend more time enjoying your trip to this exciting city.

If you are buying a home here you might consider a home with a pool or a condo or town home with a community pool. Some housing developments have community pools also such as Inspirada. This is a great community with baseball fields, clubhouses, community pools and trails.

It is pretty tough to get through the summer without a pool. The best next option is always the public parks with amenities such as splash pads or public pools. These are affordable and fun options for those that don't own their own pool or have one in the community.

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