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Jobs in Las Vegas are waiting to be filled even with the crappy economy.  Employment opportunities in Las Vegas do experience growth with the growth of the city.  All you need to do is look around and you will find a job that is just right for you.

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The following industries are presently looking for help:

  • Public safety jobs in Las Vegas – With the increase of population there is a need for an increase in these vital departments. Click here for Nevada job postings.  These can include security, police departments, fire departments, crossing guards, inspectors, etc.
  • School district – The rate of new schools are increasing with the growing population and the Board of Education is recruiting new teachers and staff from around the United States. Click here for Clark County Job listingsThere are not just teacher jobs, there is also administration, counseling, assistants, physical education, food service, delivery, maintenance, the list goes on and on.
  • Retail – There are plenty of shopping areas that are hiring and will be hiring for the new retail malls, stores and strip malls being built daily.
  • Construction – There are new casinos, hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping plazas, and more under construction or in the planning stages.  Someone will need to build them, how about you? Try the local construction job search page.
  • Work From Home - Great ResourcesAre you a stay at home mom, or just want to retire and have some extra income?   My first suggestion would be to build a site like this, with your passion in mind of course, but there are many ways to earn an honest income from home without belonging to an MLM.  Check out the National Wholesalers to see some ideas on wholesale products you might like to sell for example.

If you need some guidance but need very affordable assistance, try Build your own resume with This FREE Resume Builder they offer great services such as having you fill out a customized questionnaire so that they get a better understanding of you and what you are looking for.  They can review your existing resume and help you improve on your opening summarization and help you professionally target your job goals.

If you are not sure what you would like to do or where your help is needed, contacting an employment agency may be the right idea or getting a great tool like How to Get a Job in Las Vegas: Complete Guide. This is a book from Amazon that can change your life here in sin city.  Get a locals personal story and insider tips and tricks to making your job search faster and easier.  The author has a degree in Business as well as a masters in education, so this is a small investment in your future for top notch counseling in a carry with you everywhere handbook.

Help for You for Jobs In Las Vegas:

  • Government Agency Employment - and other local job agency listings and job hotlines.  This is the official City of Las Vegas Government Agency job listing page.  It has links for you for Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, the school district, the colleges, the convention and visitors authority, the police department, the newspapers, the utility departments, the state of Nevada, the department of transportation and many more.
  • Casino Job Center Sign up to get started, this is a great site for help with placement.  If you have a little "show" in you, this place can help with dealing jobs at pools and parties.  They also have classes for audition help and placement.
  • Las Vegas Unions  Union's are not gone! There are a lot of good connections out there and this is one of them. Besides, you typically get paid more and have better benefits if you are with a union.  It is also a lot harder to get fired when you have union support.  These are certainly not as important as the fact that a lot of casinos and resorts are union which makes it very hard to get those jobs if you don't belong to the union.

Each casino needs to be staffed as well. From service to managers, there are positions that always need to be filled.

Casinos with Online Jobs in Las Vegas:

  • Circus Circus Home of the Adventuredome indoor amusement park and the circus midway with carnival games and Free circus acts.
  • Railroad Pass Historic Railroad Pass was established in 1931 and is the nations longest running casino. They have recently redone their rooms, so come enjoy this landmark. 
  • Vdara Hotel and Spa

  • Station Casinos - Red Rock Casino, Green Valley Ranch Resort, Aliante Station, Palace Station, Sunset Station, Santa Fe Station, Texas Station, Boulder Station, Fiesta Ranchero, Fiesta Henderson, Wild Wild West, Barleys, Gold Rush Casino, Lake Mead Lounge, Wildfire, Station Construction, The Greens

Future Jobs in Las Vegas expansion is expected as always. With talk of pro sports teams and stadiums and the new resorts and casinos that are always under construction.

Some great projects that you can also consider for employment are the Linq and T mobile arena.  

Caesar's entertainment is building this project, so visit their employment search page to find out what is coming up for you.

What About the Cost of Living?

The cost of living has been compared with other western metropolitan areas and the numbers look like this:

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  • Groceries are priced Higher than Albuquerque and Boise, but much lower then those in the cities of California
  • There are NO STATE TAXES, keep more of your money
  • An average apartment runs about $764 a month, ranking it as one of the lowest; San Diego was the highest.
  • An average home price is $144,667, which is comparable across the board.

Living in Las Vegas has many perks and perhaps a few downfalls, but doesn't that go the same for almost anywhere you may choose? The good news is that at least the availability of jobs in Las Vegas are not a problem.

There are hundreds of jobs in Las Vegas on this page and many more if you dig deeper.

Helpful Jobs in Las Vegas Links:

    Job Training - Start your very own website like this one, get sales training, get an education. Ideas for your future.

    Self Employment Want to work from home or just be your own boss, get some ideas here.

    Vacation Incentives - the key to their happiness,give them something no one else is offering, or ask your employer to add this to their benefits package

    Employee Rewards This is a great resource for growing your company and keeping your employees. Rewards programs, recognition ideas and resources to retain your best.

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