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Where do you start your Las Vegas Real Estate Search? A professional agent would first ask you where would you like to live? If you are famlilar with the city, you already know that answer. Did you know we have Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Boulder City, cities, all within our valley area? Please visit our page Communities Nearby to find out more!

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You can live in these areas and still see the strip. The community page has maps, surrounding areas, parks, school information, shopping and government information for utilities and the DMV as well.   

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Las Vegas Real Estate Search - Get Pre Approved First !

    Getting pre-approved is an absolute must before you start looking. No sense in trying to look at homes you cant afford or looking at homes you will not like because you can afford more. You will also find that price range might determine the areas you can find a home in.
Las Vegas Real Estate Search
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    Getting a pre-approval will determine your price range, down payment, whether you can qualify for down payment assistance, etc, and what your approximate house payment will be.

    You can always adjust your square footage, baths, lot size, other criteria that may change your home search and give you more to choose from.

Where to Search

    A basic MLS search of the area can start you on your way to finding out what you can get for your money.

    Start at the top, why not, start by entering your dream criteria in the search. If you get nothing, start by revising your least needed wants and desires until you start getting some results you like. You can use a local agents FREE resource to search all of the homes for sale and contact them if there is something you would like to see.

Types of Properties

  • Foreclosures - Practically every home taken back by the bank is listed by a local Realtor. Banks hire professionals to handle the clean out and marketing of homes once they have been foreclosed. There are a few bulk portfolios of homes that go to auction, but most will be found in your local MLS search customized by your agent.

  • For Sale by Owner

    a lot of for sale by owners sell on their own because they feel they have no room for a commission. This is probably the same reason they really will not be able to negotiate much, but you can find them in the local papers, craigslist, yahoo, aol, or if all else fails, drive around!

  • Owner Will Carry Homes This is a great site for homes offering a lease option type of financing.

  • Auctions - there are several auction sites and most will even allow you to be represented by your Realtor with no extra cost to you. Check this on out too Nevada Real Estate Auction

  • Various other choices - these can be customized by your agent in your search, golf property, condos, horse zoned, custom, vacant land to build, wish is our command.

    So wherever your Las Vegas Real Estate Search Takes you, be prepared for the 115 degree summers and lately snow in the winter, and your very sporatic rain. The locals can find some great deals on meals though and they can give you some tips on the local casinos and businesses to visit. See you soon!

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