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**Properties available for sale and pricing of properties on this website may be outdated due to the swiftly changing real estate market, please contact me directly for updated and accurate home searches

Las Vegas foreclosures may be a good avenue for you if you are looking to purchase a home for yourself or if you seek an investment opportunity. Mostly all bank owned foreclosures in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, are listed by Realtors in the Realtor Multiple Listing Service, which you can search free here.

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FREE certified counseling members are at your service as a community outreach to help you decide whether to try to stay in your home or how to move on as stress free as possible.  

Here is a FREE downloadable PDF guide for you to see some options that you may be able to take advantage of and help you make some decisions.  DON'T Wait!!  Time is on your side when you do not procrastinate!

If you would like to sell the house and start fresh, you can sell the home without any money coming out of pocket either via a quick cash sale with We Buy Houses Nevada or get my licensed assistance in which all expenses come out of the proceeds in most cases and you are not required to come out of pocket any money in most cases.  Ask me how for FREE no obligation. 

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Unfortunately, many banks have to foreclose on certain properties each month; but this can be a good chance for someone else to invest into prime real estate. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Finding a property in foreclosure can be an adventure within itself. There is a process that the property must go through before you are able to pick it up for a steal. However, there are ways to find these real estate gems.

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Find Las Vegas Foreclosures

Use the following methods or techniques to get the scoop on purchasing Las Vegas foreclosures:

  • Do a search online - There are many sites that list Las Vegas foreclosures or sales such as, commercial and residential, but many are without pictures so you have to do some leg work. However, some of these sites do link to different agencies that can assist you in gaining more insight; plus they have links to other information like area demographics, school information, and more. 
  • Lists – There are companies that will send you lists (some free or a nominal fee attached) of properties in Las Vegas that are in foreclosure. However, by the time it is published and received there could have been dramatic changes in the list. Contact a trusted Local Foreclosure Specialist and order a FREE list here
  • Real Estate Agent – Working with a reputable agent cuts down on a lot of footwork and stress. They receive updated information regarding these types of properties, so you can make informed decisions. They can also connect you with the right lender to insure a stress free experience. Visit this trusted Realtor


How Does It Work?

Each lending institution has their own set of rules about foreclosure purchases, so it is important to do a little research. If you are working with a real estate agent, then they will be able to walk you through the process. However, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Default Public Records – Research these records yourself. There are agencies that will provide this service, but why go through a middle man? You are looking for any liens or claims that are attached with the property in question. These can lengthen or prevent the purchase process. A Local resource
  • Decisions – Make up your mind about the property by taking a look around. Decide if it is an area that you want to live; even if you are purchasing it for an investment. Chances are if you do not want to live there then your future buyers or renters may not want to, either. These properties are mainly sold "as is".
  • You can do an inspection on your own dime, but if you don't approve of the condition, don't move forward with the purchase, the bank probably will not do the repairs! They also don't tell you anything hidden, etc.  
  • Auction – Going to a public auction will help you gain knowledge of how the system works. You can witness, first hand, the beginning process. Auction houses will pay your Realtor to represent you. Please consult with an experienced auction agent for details Or try these: for auctions coming up in Clark County.  

Affordable Opportunities

Las Vegas foreclosures can be a great way to invest your money or pursue your dream of owning a home. These properties tend to sell at the lowest prices possible because they are paid off free and clear by the lender during foreclosure. They are able to beat owner occupant homes for sale, because there is a zero balance owed on them and they can price to SELL!

Do a little homework and you can be successful. Mostly all Bank owned foreclosures are listed in the multiple listing by a Realtor. Banks use professional Las Vegas Real Estate Agents to sell their inventory. So, don't go without representation, they don't! 

Las Vegas Foreclosures Current Market Update

Our local market has fewer than 6,000 homes available valley wide right now. What does this mean? It means that the second a home comes onto the market, buyers are rushing to try to get it, causing a multiple offer situation.

For a buyer this means paying over list price, sometimes paying the difference between the appraisal and the agreed purchase price, and fighting with many others which often does not end well.

For one example, most buyers do not have the cash for their down payment, closing costs and the difference between appraisal and price. This prices a lot of buyers out of the market leaving them upset because they cant get a home.

Well, that is where I come in, I have ideas and standing inventory that you can buy today, so if you need help actually getting a home of your own, contact me.

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