Las Vegas Attractions 
 Stratosphere Rides and Hotel Attractions 

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What do you have in mind? Las Vegas Attractions  Stratosphere Rides and Hotel Attractions can vary from Roller Coasters to sightseeing historical buildings. 

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Our goal is to give you some ideas that you may have never dreamed exist in sin city.

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Roller Coasters

  • Big Shot Ride - Just like the little one you used to ride at the local carnival but way scarier.  This catapult launches 16 passengers from 921 feet high on the top of the STRAT to 1081 feet. Try to enjoy the amazing views while you are screaming or peeing lol.  Visit here for more info, pics and tickets

  • Insanity Las Vegas - Again this is something you have ridden at your local carnival as a child, but not dangling from 900 feet high and hanging 64 feet over the edge of the building.  Basically it is a spinning mechanical arm that forces you to face your fears and your weak stomachs.  Visit here for more info, pics of the ride and to get tickets. 

  • X-Scream - Used to be " the high roller Stratosphere " but now the hotel has been renamed as the STRAT and this ride has been improved.  It is basically a Las Vegas roller coaster on top of a building.  Technically it teeters 27 feet over the edge at a height of 866 feet. Does it really qualify as a roller coaster?  I am not sure, as it propels you over the edge and then pulls you back.  Visit here for more info, pics of the ride and tickets.

  • Canyon Blaster - Located in the Circus Circus Adventure Dome at Circus Circus 702-794-3939

  • Desperado - Located at Buffalo Bills in Primm Valley 1-800-FUN-STOP

There is so much going on in the "City of Lights" at any given time of the day or night, don't plan on being able to do it all. If you would rather do something fun other than gambling then looking at some of the Las Vegas Attractions around town is plentiful, this can include, food, rides, 4D movies, larger than life Marvel Avengers, you name it!


  • Shark Reef At Mandalay Bay - 702-632-4555.  This place is amazing, always improving and growing.  Great for toddlers up to teenagers.  


  • Springs Preserve Las Vegas - Animal feeding, viewing, nature preserve, learning and history.  The events are constantly changing here.  There is a very nice restaurant that also serves cocktails on site with a gorgeous view of the park.  They hold holiday events for Christmas and Halloween as well as many other topics of history throughout the year.

  • Secret Garden - at the Mirage, Tigers, Dolphins Oh My! 702-791-7111

Las Vegas Attractions For Kids

  • Great Rides and More for Kids - This page is our complete resource for hundreds of things that you can do with your kids in Las Vegas.  Visit here for kid friendly shows, activities, theme parks, horse back riding, fitness and so much more.

Miscellaneous Las Vegas Attractions

  • M and M World - On the Las Vegas Strip, everything M and M is on of those great Las Vegas Attractions full of gifts and fun for everyone, take souvenir pictures with the big M and M characters.  This is something fun to do with the kids, but plan on purchasing some very expensive candy.

  • Circus Carnival Midway and Circus - Acrobatics, circus acts, carnival games and shows inside Circus Circus, win prizes, see FREE shows.  These are usually going on all day throughout the day.  For some extra money you can participate in the carnival midway games which are typical of a carnival, bean bag toss, water horse race, shoot hoops for big stuffed animals, you name it!

  • Mirage Volcano - Eruptions are FREE on the Las Vegas Strip.  This has no educational value whatsoever, but it is pretty cool to watch.  It starts as a quiet waterfall and then turns into lights and action with the noise and fire and then the water eruption.  It also can give off a little heat if you are chilly.

  • Bodies or Titanic  Exhibitions.  These are pretty amazing, the bodies exhibit is nothing you will ever see again, so don't miss it.  Only people in medical school get to see this type of display.  They are real bodies that are dissected to show you muscle and bone and inner working parts.  There are even fetuses so this is not for the faint at heart.  The titanic is very much history and it is really nice to see the old items that they have salvaged from the sea.  It is also sad as well, but very entertaining.

  • Madame Tussaud's museum Sing for Simon Cowell, turn blue, marry George Clooney, the fantasy is real at this wax museum.  I never really did see the awe in this type of display, but for those that are into this, it is really amazingly talented art.

  • Bellagio fountains just beautiful with accompanying music. Something you just "have to see" and can see for blocks and from many strip room windows and balconies.  These types of displays are what makes Las Vegas Attractions famous

  • The Fremont Street Experience October Fright Fest, live bands, great dining! Plus a spectacular light show.  Downtown is really becoming a cool hangout.  They have redone a lot of the casinos and bars thanks to the motivation of our resident Zappos that started a downtown renovation revolution.  Take some time to check out the "new" "old strip."  In days past we used to be able to cruise this strip in our cars where the Fremont Street Experience is now.

  • Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix great fun for the whole family, great for birthday parties or just to add to your vacation that includes kids.  For hundreds of other things to do with kids in Las Vegas visit our page for kids here.

If you have not found what you are looking for yet, you should visit the Las Vegas official tourism site for more ideas and links to great Las Vegas Attractions. Practically every hotel and casino has something extra to entertain you!

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