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Moving to Las Vegas? Well you are in for a treat! You can eat anytime you want, go shopping anytime you want and my goodness, you will you get spoiled.

This is an amazing, convenience oriented town with a lot of "great communities." Not to mention that any field you work in is here, any future you want to pursue for your children is here, the arts are here and fun is definitely here!

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You will need to put the essentials in into place before you pack up the moving van:

Things like schools in Clark County, what are the housing options from buying to renting?

The utility companies with all of the names and phone numbers, and transferring car information are just a few of the details you will need to organize.

There are websites like Live In Las Vegas NV to help you with phone numbers, housing, communities, maps and even written guides that will help you through the process and hopefully get you comfortable and familiar with this great locale.

If you are moving to Las Vegas with children..

You will have to think about learning more about our schools both public and private as well as the zoning for them which is very strict.

You can also visit our Las Vegas For Kids Page which is all about the hundreds of fun things to do with your children in sin city.

There are an estimated ten new schools created each year. Many of our schools are excellent and rank very high in the standings.

You will need a place to live, but if you are not ready to purchase your own home renting is always a good option. There are many services that will assist you in renting an apartment, home, or condo; visit our real estate page to help find a home or rental that will fit your needs.

Apartment averages are at about, $500 for a studio, $700 for a one bedroom, $900 for a two bedroom, and $1400 for a three bedroom. Finding a Las Vegas Newspaper resource is always a great place to start. 

How About Buying?

or Renting A House? The real estate market is going crazy in Las Vegas. Crazily affordable for you if you are moving to Las Vegas! Las Vegas Apartments is a great place to visit if you just want to get a rental for now.

There are many employment opportunities and new housing is being developed constantly. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of homes for sale, but purchasing a home can be a wild ride. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Use a licensed Las Vegas Real Estate agent. They know the rules and the hot properties that are available. Buying A Home?   Make sure to get the protection you need.  Even new home sales tracts recognize that buyers need representation and will pay your Realtor!
  • Hire a Las Vegas licensed home inspector to inspect your home. I always recommend using a service like Angies List to review people before you hire them. 
  • Organization is key to success when it comes to buying a home; keep copies of everything and in a folder that you can bring with you.

Important Resources For
Your Move

Download Your Las Vegas Relocation Guide Now!

  • Churches In Las Vegas I have compiled a great page for you in order of area and different denominations. This is not every church in the valley, but a good place for you to start if you are moving to Las Vegas.
  • Las Vegas Chamber Do you need help starting up a business? Do you need to find business networking groups or other help with job location? This is a great resource for you. 
  • Las Vegas Schools Look for the Clark County public and private schools, zoning, areas, bussing and also schools for special needs children.
  • Jobs Don't have your job here yet or just want a better one, we have page after page of application links and openings for you. Or start your business with a great idea on our Free Website Building Tutorial.
  • Area Newspapers Every newspaper for the area that you can think of from our main Newspaper to the little ones in every area are listed here.
  • Area Real Estate If you are not familiar with the area, or just want to search the Realtor database on your own, this is a one stop source to find your own information or email for more information.
  • Area Communities Las Vegas is not the only city around here, we are neighbors with some other great communities, find out more about them before you move. You might end up moving to Henderson or North LV instead of Moving to Las Vegas, you never know!
  • Las Vegas Utilities Water, Power, gas, cable and more. This page has everything you need to call and get those accounts set up.
  • LV Local Yellow Pages "Who can you call? Well this is our local "big book" and more phone book and directory links and guides for your reference.

Utilities And Motor Vehicles

Once again here is the NV Department of Motor Vehicles registration information page.  You can make an appointment which is a super idea.

Your utility page can be found above and if you have any special questions, you can always email me.  Las Vegas is an exciting place to visit and a prosperous place to relocate. If you are moving to Las Vegas, then take advantage of all the informational resources available.

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    Areas Nearby We have great surrounding communities all around this small valley, learn about them

    Jobs in Las Vegas FREE employment search, hotel job links, ideas for starting a business, help in relocating

    Cosmetic Dentistry Las Vegas Had to throw that in, everything is cheaper and better here!  The service is great too!

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