Trustworthy Cosmetic 
Dentistry Las Vegas

Don't trust your Cosmetic Dentistry Las Vegas to just anyone, trust a referral that has taken care of our family for years. Dr David Jones is the end to searching for that great family dentist Las Vegas can seem like finding a needle in a haystack.

There are so many to choose from everywhere, how do you know you have the right one? Oh, did I mention the Dr is actually in Henderson, NV, not LV, NV Map It.

Amazing Reviews

  • Prices are extremely fair
  • Works hard to provide a virtually painfree procedure
  • Staff is wonderful, like family

Cosmetic Dentistry Las Vegas Products and Procedures

  • Replacing old silver or gold fillings with tooth color
  • Repairing Gaps and Breaks
  • much, much, more!

You can reach the office at 1701 N Green Valley Parkway Suite 2C, Henderson, NV 89074 and the phone number is 702-914-9501

Dr. David Jones has been treating our family for over 7 years and he is wonderful. My daughter had to have 5 teeth pulled for her braces and he did it painlessly and she still loves him 6 years later.

You will enjoy having Dr. Jones as your Cosmetic Dentistry Las Vegas Dentist for many years to come as well as your regular family dentist Las Vegas. From the staff that treats you like a family member to the friendly hands on personal service you will receive from the hygienists and the Dr., you will never leave. 

Finding other Providers:

I am an avid Yelp user. They have designed a very capable review system and any time I have gone against their stars rating, I have said to myself, trust in the rating next time!

They are usually always Johnny on the spot due to the fact that it is very hard to remove a negative review if you are the business, and they support regular reviewers, in other words, you cant just get on there only when you have a bad review to post.  They like to see people that post good and bad and they give those reviewers a better weight over all.

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