Clark County Nevada
The County Las Vegas is in 

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With a growth of about 5,000 new residents per month, Clark County Nevada has statistics to boast about! It hosts the most amazing city of all, Las Vegas!

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Clark County Nevada Information

The County itself is the main place you will need to file for a business license,  Las Vegas Marriage License, building permit, child care licensing, etc.

It is also responsible for the employment of 10,000 people, which in this day and age is a bragging right in itself. 

Some Great Facts About Clark County
Nevada Are: 

  • Houses 70 percent of the states entire population being the 14th largest in the nation.
  • Population from 2011 census 2,036,358
  • The County was formed in 1909
  • Famously named after William Andrews Clark (1839-1925), who established the railroad that linked Los Angeles with Salt Lake City
  • Home to over 38,930 licensed businesses
  • Its governing body is the elected commissioners and executive overseer.  Which would be the CC Manager

Cities in Clark County Nevada

  • Las Vegas The heart and soul of it all, the original, the one and only... tah dah!
  • North Las Vegas Part of this city is very old, but a lot of new areas branched off originally popular to the military families. It has really grown from there to house entire developments plus resorts and casinos.
  • Henderson There is also old and new here, but its a very nice area, especially Green Valley.
  • Boulder City Just beyond the outskirts of Henderson lies a non gaming refuge that you have to drive through to go to the "damn" dam.
  • Mesquite A little way out of town, but a golfers delight. Locals often run away to Mesquite for low price golf and spa getaways.

If you would like to access public recorded documents or many of the other valuable resources, consider visiting the official website

The County got its name after Senator William Andrews Clark. You can read a small history of his story here He has a sketchy past as he actually bought his way into the senate seat. The funny thing is, he really did not have a strong attachment nor interest in Las Vegas at all. He retired and died in New York.

The Government Center

Is gorgeous and is located at: 500 S Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155. You can visit all of the departments and get their contact information here

Clark County Nevada holds their organization to a very high level of standards and commitment to the community.

They are always working hard to improve visitor and resident experiences. Check out the new Shooting Range Park and many other Parks and Recreation resources and fun including Red Rock Canyon and Wetlands Park.  Many of the parks have wonderful splash pads in the summer and area art is amazing as well.

Would you be interested in finding out who the largest employers are in the area? It is right here at your fingertips! 

  • Venetian Hotel & Resorts 9,800 

These top employers responsible for the majority of jobs here. The main database that is accessed regarding CC these days is Assessors office that provides reports, maps and record searches on real property. 

Whether you are visiting or living in Las Vegas NV, you will find the community involvement and information on Clark County Nevada very impressive. They put a lot into the health and happiness of all of the cities and towns that it really shows. 

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