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Discover the benefits of being part of an Adventure Travel Group and joining a travel meetup Las Vegas.  The perks can be amazing! It might be needless to say, but we love to travel! and we would love to meet any others that love to travel!

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Todd, Jacob and Elizabeth Hammack on vacation

Does this mean you have to plan your trip with all of us at an Adventure Travel Group or meetup?? Of course Not.  But the idea of belonging to a group is to have the option to meet others, scuba or golf with others or just have a Margarita with other like minded people right?

When you get to your destination, you are doing something you love and expanding your network of friends and fun!

Whats in Adventure Travel Group For You

Tons of fun and new friends.  Friends that like to do what you do too, and get great savings too. You will meet couples, singles, families, youngsters and seniors alike.

Get involved in amazing sportsman's trips for the hunter and fisherman in you, there is also NASCAR or an African Safari, Alaskan Cruise or just small affordable trips over a long weekend. There is really something for everyone.

Meet some travel buddies. Exchange trip plans via the communication page with other members and you can find other sole travelers or groups that just want to hang with others on a trip somewhere.

Whether you are looking for a new friend to drink with or dine with, or to just have a safer trip to a foreign country knowing that you have buddies along, there are many reasons to be a part of something as great as this.

Proven fact that it Makes You Healthy

Did you know that women and men that dont take regular vacations are 30% more likely to have a heart attack?  

It is a proven fact that people that take the time to "check out" of life and stress actually make a healthy contribution to their life span.

Amazing Adventures

Something for every personality type and any climate desired.  There is something for everyone and every budget.

Instant Social and Business Network

You will meet hundreds of other members on your plane and at your destination as a part of an Adventure Travel Group.  Often times there are organized buses loaded with members for excursions ... we call them party buses! and we are looking forward to having you along. 

Plus you can have meet and greet parties or two when you arrive to get to know others.  This makes for a great trip as you continue to see others on excursions and at the pool or in the spa.  This makes wine tours, scuba trips and boat rides so much more fun. 

These members are friendly and find that it is great to have others along.  Traveling is also a great way to make business connections and friends around the world.

Super Discounts, Amazing Prices

Can you find a better price online? Maybe, but it wont be an ocean view room or suite, including airport transfers or a 4 day cruise for $149 dollars.

Get the best for less, travel like a rock star for prices anyone can afford.

Whatever your desires in visiting this page, you will find it, there is nothing better and nothing like being part of an Adventure travel group. You can experience international travel, local travel, staycations and much more at the best prices that you will ever see online!

Don't forget to compare apples to apples.  

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