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Welcome to Las Vegas Dining Coupons Resource page written by a local resident. You will find out how to get dining deals right now as well as earn discounts and freebies later. This information comes direct from a local insider that knows how to take advantage of some great perks of living in this great town!

DISCLOSURE: This FREE resource site contains affiliate links & ads related to items my audience is interested in.  This enables me to support this site by sometimes earning a commission if you decide to make a purchase via these ads or links. 

This picture was taken on my birthday, I celebrated with a day at the pool at Green Valley Ranch Resort and a luxury room there from Groupon for $65 bucks.  This was taken at the italian restaurant that is no longer there, it has been replaced with Bottiglia Cucina and Enotecta. However, Green Valley Ranch and other resorts advertise often on Groupon.  

You would not believe what is available out there for you if you just take the time to do a little research.  Your first stop should be Groupon or Living Social.

When you get to the page, put in your area, ex: Las Vegas, then your email to subscribe.  When you enter the site, go to "all deals," then click on restaurants, bars and pubs.   These will be some great specials currently offered in town.

I have scoured around and picked up little tid bits of information and savings from all over town. In casinos and resorts and also local venues.  Please contact me if you have anything great to share with everyone that you will not mind me posting here, or go to the top right of your pages to submit your helpful contribution to our website.

By Far the best for incredible savings anywhere is ...


  • Groupon is Customizable for the city and even zip code.
  • 50 to 90% off of retail pricing.  The vendors have to give you a major discount to even get listed on the website.  Take advantage of this great service by visiting the site to search what you are looking for first!
  • Most of the vouchers are good for quite a while.
  • Real time location based deals.
  • Las Vegas Dining coupons from cheap eats to expensive eats.
  • Hot beauty deals, products, B12 shots, fitness, salon styling and treatments.  Pretty much anything you can think of.

Living Social Las Vegas Dining Coupons

This website is very similar to Groupon and gives you hot deals now, like $10 for $20 to spend at several great eating establishments.

How about dinner for 2 a Kahunaville with entree, salad and cocktail for $37?  Now that is what I am talking about!

You can visit their dining page here and also sign up for email or text alerts right to your phone and by the way, you can carry the deals on your app so you dont have to stash big pieces of paper coupons on your person.

Visit Las Vegas Perks

Click here for Las Vegas Half Price Deals on Shows, Dining & Attractions!. Need I say more?  

This company does just one thing and that is save people money.

Of course cant be surpassed, they have a long list of super meal deals on this page.  Breakfast, Lunch, Prime Rib, 24 hour dining, you name it, you will find a dining special here.

How about this great article - 80 ways to save money in Las Vegas!

This is a great website, just put in the zip code or city you want and you will get great Las Vegas Dining Coupons.  

Some examples are $15 dollars worth of dining for $6 dollars, $25 dollars worth of dining for $10.  You just pay and then print out the coupon and take it with you or put the app on your mobile device for easy access.

Visit the site here 

24 Hour Pass to 7 Buffets

    Now this sounds more like a challenge, but the cost is only $59.99. Now lets see, breakfast $20, Lunch $20, Dinner $35-40... even if you only eat 3 meals, you already saved $25 dollars.

    Buffets included are:

  • Ceasars Bacchanal Buffet 
  • Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood
  • Le Village Buffet at the Paris Hotel 
  • The Flamingos Paradise Garden Buffet 
  • Carnival World Buffet at the Rio 
  • Flavors at Harrahs 

Some do have an upcharge.

Deals for Locals

These are just a few of the resorts offering Las Vegas Dining Coupons or specials for locals, always call and ask, many do offer specials.

  • Try Travelzoo Local Deals, they have some great Las Vegas Dining Coupons direct fromt he restaurants, eats and drinks.
  • If all Else fails, YELP customers will let you know some Las Vegas Dining coupons and tips in the area!

Clip Out Savings From Local Magazines

  • Locals mags like the zip code magazines are really great. You can visit their site online and click on the magazine cover of your choice and view and print the coupons right from your computer.
  • The TXT Coupon Guide this is a great one, you know the one where you can find about 150 coupons in your destination. You can find this handy listing packed absolutley full of discounts for you.  Tix 4 Tonights is not just for shows, they have Tix 4 Dinner too!Get up to 25% off coupons on dinners, buffets and drinks. Check them out for half price show tickets as well.

    Visit this awesome sight for half off deals Save on everything else you buy while you are here also.

More Locals Las Vegas Dining Coupons Savings

  • Vegas 4 Locals prides itself on providing a long list of discounts that you can be a local or not to take advantage of make sure you visit them so that you don't miss out on a savings opportunity.

I would be happy to hear some input on Las Vegas Dining Coupons. Also, if you have a great savings or discount item to share, please let our readers know about it. 

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