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Are you passionate about travel? and do you want to start an online travel business? There are at least one hundred or more ways to do this...

I will start by telling you my story and about my travel business and company and the wonderful blessing that it has been in my and my family's life, then I will tell you about some other options that you can consider as well.

My Online Travel Business

I was about 7 months pregnant with my son that is now 3 going on 4 and I had been a slave to my real estate career for about 16 years. My heart ached for the opportunity to stay home with my soon to be arriving child.

I desperately searched and searched for something I could do from home and got taken advantage of many times along the way. I invested in a website that supposedly had been earning a profit for 2+ years and believe it or not, I lost about $30,000 and wiped out my entire savings account buying the site and trying to actually make is successful...

Eventually, I gave up, because when I consulted an attorney in Florida about the case, he said I had a case, but they don't award attorney fees in that state, so why pay 30k in attorney's fees to get 30k right? So I cried my fat pregnant but off for months. Over my stupidity, my loss and still no stay at home income.

Not just cried, sobbed, because now I really had no resources and no hope. Then I started looking at franchises and business packages that were all inclusive, reputable and proven. I came across some great places, but the travel business intriqued me the most, so I was leaning toward that, but the cheapest franchise I could buy was about $19,000.

This was not an online travel business, but an actual travel booking franchise.

After losing all of that money on my previous endeavor, I could not bear to ask my husband to let me spend another $19,000... and that did not include marketing or anything, just the logos, training and support. I would still have had to get a storefront or website store and do all of the marketing, etc.

Then by the grace of God, my real estate friend of 15 years calls me and says hey Beth, I have gotten started with this new travel company and it is so awesome I am starting my own online travel business, will you take a look at it? Well, everything she ever touched turned to gold, so I was in!

Not to mention the fact that the investment was less than $400 dollars! I also got more that I would have ever gotten with that $19,000 franchise. I got an instant group of wonderful friends and associates and have made many new friends for life.

My family and I have been able to travel to places that I might not have ever been able to afford and often the cost has been reimbursed upon return, so actually FREE vacations due to my travel business at home and the compensation structure they offer.

The best part of all is the passion and joy this company brings to my life and my family as they are always excited about going somewhere even if it is just a long weekend to Disneyland and my husband is even more excited when it is cheap or FREE!

As far as the income, I am not making millions yet, but I have been able to stay home with my son for 3.85 years now and I have the ability to grow my online travel business to that multi million dollar revenue.

There are no income caps and you are compensated not only for travel bookings, but also for introducing others to own their own online travel business. Actually the opportunities are endless.

The business Package Includes:

    **Although we are launched in 16 Countries, the complete package here is available in the US, other Countries have the representative package and the Travel Club
  • Company managed travel booking website
  • Company managed travel club site and vacation package planning
  • Customer service for your customers
  • Member service for YOU the business owner
  • Company managed Business website to show others the company
  • Instant social and business network of over 100,000
  • Online travel business training
  • Ability to earn IATAN and CLIA credentials and advanced training
  • Ability to take many hosted trips where you will meet many others from the company and make new friends and have so much fun! Did I mention the savings on these deals?

I could go on and on, but you would have to experience it to believe it. It is more like a fantasy job and fantasy life.

If you have an interest in following in my footsteps with my travel business, please feel free to Contact me anytime and I would be happy to get you all of the information you need.

What Are My Other Options

Well, let's call them IDEAS. Here are some other ideas that you can look into on your online travel business search. You found me by visiting my Live in Las Vegas Website right? Well...

How you found me was a complex system of FREE web generated traffic by me building a website full of wonderful content that human beings love to read. I chose something I knew a lot about, which is Living in Las Vegas and as time went on, I branched that out into hundreds of related topic pages that people might want to read about.

A website like this can be built on practically any topic and can generate income for you from home while you are researching and writing information on something you are passionate about. This can be ANYTHING from Real Estate, Network Marketing, Selling hard goods or your own creations, making cakes, proper dog brushing, budget beauty... you name it, we have stay at home parents that are making it happen.

The reason I chose this particular web hosting company is that for the same cost of hosting my website, I got FREE video narrated training from start to finish on how to build a successful business website and how to generate FREE traffic.

Also included are the forums for the community where you can chat with others on any issues you might be having as well as share your successes. And this company really knows what they are doing, everytime I go to to see my rankings, I am steadily climbing up the ladder with each page I build.

The income is generated from Google ads and affiliate programs as well as selling my own "How to Build Your Own Pool" e-guide. They will teach you all about finding affiliate programs and setting up Google ads to make your site profitable.

This site also drives traffic to my other interests and businesses such as my online travel business and my real estate pages. I am constantly getting FREE leads generated from my informational pages that the search engines promote for me because I have the information their customers want.

Here are many of the amazing success stories from others that have taken even the very small island they live on and made it a profit center. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact me and I will do my best to answer them.


Franchises can be a great option for a new business owner, because they usually come with a complete already proven success system in place. Whether you are looking for an online travel business or any other business, these are great resources.

They also usually always come with company assisted setup and support to give you a much better chance of succeeding. They do not want you to fail, their name is on the line. Also, this is another reason to go with a franchise sometimes and that is because of the already established name recognition.

For example: Nestle Toll House Cafe now you already know this is going to be yummy! and so does everyone walking by! Here are some great places to look at franchises that might be available:


These are some great companies that are out there, I am sure if you do your research, you can find a few others, but I will list some big time franchise listing sites that can be more of a one stop shop for you.

    Multiple Franchise Listings

I would recommend sticking with the larger more reputable sites as if you start digging into smaller less known sites, you might be more liable to run into some scams or BS opportunities. Just be careful.

Check with the BBB and other valuable resources for making sure a company is legit before you do what I do and invest in a fraudulent company or business.

All in all I love my Online Travel business, and even if I was not making money, I would still travel with the travel club and keep contributing to our quality of life. Life is short, don't forget to live! If anyone would have told me that for under $400 bucks I could change my life with my travel businss at home, I would have thought they were crazy!

But now, I am a believer.

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