Womens Golf Attire Etiquette - Do's and Don'ts

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Womens Golf Attire Etiquette, do's and do not's, tips and hot golf apparel brands. Requirements are somewhat modest, but not as much as they were in the past. 

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No spaghetti straps, No plain tee shirts, No crop tops also No super low cut styles either! Think Classy no matter what you choose.

Depending on your current age, shape and size, there are some fairly sexy golf fashions coming around.  But we will concentrate on somewhat modest for now just to go with the more general womens golf attire etiquette for the majority of women.

Make sure to check with the dress code of the course you are visiting, some will have a traditional formal dress code, and some have moved on to modern times and become more accepting of newer bolder fashions. Know which scenario you are facing and also who are you going with?  What is their outlook? 

  • SHIRTS AND TOPS -  Can be like this Nike one pictured here or collared This cute Callaway brand shirt here is an example of another uncollared style.  Depending on the time of year, you can wear short sleevelong sleeve or sleeveless. The gal in the picture above looks adorable in her sleeveless shirt, but she also looks classy and is following womens golf attire etiquette because she has a well packaged outfit with slacks and a cute belt.

You can shop this look by clicking on the photo and looking at this style of shirt in multiple colors.  The next gal has her long sleeve mock neck by IBKUL and is a standout being conservative and sexy at the same timeYou can shop this look by clicking on the photo and choose from multiple colors and styles.  Shirts should be tucked in usually a longer cover would be worn over a tucked shirt.

This mock neck also makes a great cover up if you are not as confident with the look of your arms yet you can still look fashionable and stylish. I have a section below for following womens golf attire etiquette with certain body issues you may be faced with. Wicking fabric is always nice in warm climates as you will be sweating unless you have a golf caddy hauling all of your golf clubs and gear and driving you around in a golf cart. 

If you are in Las Vegas though, you will still be sweating.  In cooler climates or times of year, cotton and polyester choices can be warmer and more clingy.

YES -  Tops with sleeves

Sleeveless tops with a collar

Polo type shirt with collar

Button neck, V neck (conservative) or zip neck


NO - Tee shirts, tank tops or halter tops, much too low cut v-necks, crop tops

  • BOTTOMS(With Belt Loops) Shorts, Skorts(a skirt with shorts underneath) ... both are very acceptable, so are pants (no jeans), skirts and capri's. Colors have historically been much more modest but they are getting bolder as time goes on like this happy hour short from Loudmouth which is a top seller and they have a skirt too. 

Keep in mind however some finer golf clubs will require that skirt to be below the knee! Please don't wear your yoga outfit to play. Feeling adorable and brave? Check out more of the Loudmouth brand featured in the photo here.  They have so many bold designs for any event and mood.

  • CUTE DRESSEScute dresses like this Kinona putt and party style (click on the cute dresses link) are very cute and fashionable but yet conservative and you can go straight to the after party in this one. Conservative rules for golf attire etiquette would be not to have a skirt or dress be too short. 

Finger length is a good rule of thumb, but trust me some of the golf stars are pushing this envelope right now with their new fashions. For affordable and higher end styles, you can search golf dresses amazon. Womens golf attire etiquette is modernizing, but not yet a free for all.

YES - Capris


Slacks, Khakis

Skorts (Skirt with shorts under)

Crop Pants

Skirt with leggings

Tasteful dresses

NO - Yoga pants, sweats, sun dresses, jeans, denim shorts

  • WINTER OR COVER UP WEAR - Jean jackets and hoodies are usually not a part of proper women's golf attire etiquette. Although, daring ForayGolf has introduced some amazing metallic hoodies that are very fashionable more of their styles below in the "Daring and Bold" section.

Again, stay in a classy frame of mind.  You know the hoodies you should not wear .. the over sized .. non-stylish ones that make you look like a boy ... Instead, try a trendy vest or sweater.  Cover ups and long sleeve jackets like this adorable Puma golf Zephyr jacket are also available in abundance and usually a tucked shirt is worn underneath. This is a good tip for cooler or in between weather especially for early tee times as it may warm up as the day goes on. 

    YES - Sweaters (Especially this cute Puma Golf Womens Chevron sweater available in multiple colors)

    Mock necks


    Long sleeve collared shirt or long sleeve polo

    Vest or Golf Jacket

    Stylish jackets from trusted golf sources

    NO - Sweatshirts or Denim Jackets, sweat hoodies

  • HATS AND HEAD COVERINGS - These are the usual items, a women's hat with a brim or a visor.  They serve many purposes such as keeping your hair neat and out of your face, keeping the sun of of your beautiful skin and looking sporty and cute.  Tasteful womens golf attire etiquette choices are recommended.

Feminine golf hats with brand logos should be simple and logos should be tasteful such as Titleist, Nike, Puma, Callaway, Taylor made, etc.  Visors also can have sporty logo and some style, but just remember it is a sport and people take it seriously, so try to be classy and somewhat professional whatever you choose.

  • ACCESSORIES AND SHOES - Your best choice for a shoe is white if you want to match most of your outfits.  You can accessorize with belts, shoes etc.  Just be fashion conscious. Don't wear black shoes and bright white tall socks for example. Choose a neutral color shoe maybe gray and pink Like this New Balance spike less comfort shoe and a white ankle sock or no show sock. 

Don't be afraid to be colorful, just match.  If you need the best women's golf shoes for wide feet try Ecco Women's shoesNo street shoes, sometimes running shoes are acceptable, but when following womens golf attire etiquette, do not wear dress shoes or sandals.

Most courses are only accepting soft spikes or spike less shoes due to the damage to the grass that has to be consistently fixed, so make sure you find out what the rules are before you spend a fortune on new shoes. 

NEW and up and coming in popularity are the Slip on Golf shoe, Footjoy has one style you can check out here.

  • SOCKS - Sock choice is important.  Remember it is a long trek and often sweaty. Choose a sport specific sock or at least a sport sock. Sport specific socks will have cushioning in the right places but not too much and the right material to help with sweating and blistering.  I do NOT recommend the typical thin short or no show sock you would wear with your dress slip on's or daily sneaker when considering womens golf attire etiquette.

You will need a durable, comfortable, tight but not restrictive, the right thickness and fashionable sock. The design should be seamless or very minimal seam which also helps prevent blisters. Sock length should be short, no show or ankle height unless you are wearing a cute fashion with a stylish knee length sock like this adorable argyle style here.

YES - Minimalist tennis shoe if you don't have golf shoes

Spike less

Soft Spikes (Make sure the are allowed on that course)

White (best) or feminine colors

Slip on Golf shoe

NO - Metal Spikes, Black shoes are not the best, sandals, boots

  • CONSERVATIVE GOLF STYLES - Womens golf attire etiquette is probably the place a more conservative woman would want to search.  Most women golfers are not going to want to wear short skirts and sleeveless tops.  Even the cutest stars with the best bodies are often in skorts and cover ups.  

Brands and fashions that are great for a more conservative women golfers are JoFitthey boast meticulously crafted garments for all shapes and sizes.  Greg Normans collections are also classy and conservative. 

  • BOLD AND BRAZEN STYLES - These Elite and Adorably bold womens golf attire etiquette designs are for the lady that desires to be a standout.  Bedazzled bling logoschicken feathers, leopard print, studs, long sleeve dresses, see through mesh, striking metallic jackets. These outfits are the new wave of clothing for your Ladies Playday.

One of the best sources is Foraygolf like this gal here with the Mercury Rising Collection.  Wait until you see the jacket!  Talk about testing the waters with dress code.

Discount Womens Golf Apparel Stores 

Keeping up with the Jones's on their womens golf attire etiquette can get very expensive! I have given you some ideas here for surprising discount sources to hold you over until you hit the big time and get your sponsorship's wink wink. 

  • GOLF SKIRTS TARGET - Who Knew?  Well, Target sells a ton of golf clothes under thirty bucks.  Just search "golf skirts target" when you arrive on the Target.com page, click the box that says under $30 to find golf skirts cheap. You will find that Puma, Antigua and Nivo are some brands on the discount side of the pricing spectrum.

Who really will know?, this is the best way to find a deal on womens golf attire etiquette appropriate items if you are just beginning to golf or going for the first time as a guest and don't want to spend a fortune. They have polos and dresses too!

  • ROCK BOTTOM GOLFGreat discount site approved for reputation by womens golf attire etiquette for apparel and equipment.  Rockbottomgolf.com has ladies shirts, tops, polos, pants, shorts, outerwear, dresses, skirts, skorts, hats, caps, belts, socks, gloves, shoes, golf clubs and gear.

Save HUGE on Womens Golf Apparel at RockBottomGolf.com On Our Hottest Promos Page!

  • MULLIGAL.COM - New, resale and consignment golf apparel and accessories for most brands, EP Pro, JoFit, Greg Norman, Tail, Cutter and Buck, Golftini, Ibkul and so many more. 
  • EBAY.COM - Find amazing deals on used and new skirts, skorts, tops, shoes, golf clubs and gear plus earn ebay bucks.
  • POSHMARK.COM - Very nice often upscale womens golf attire etiquette approved styles galore.  Great prices too! Tons of brands are available here such as Bette-Court.com, JamieSadockstore.com and Footjoy.com.

Changes are Coming to Womens
Golf Attire Etiquette ...

With the rising popularity of women and girls participating in the sport of golf, there are certainly people pushing for change on the horizon. Multiple initiatives are pushing for less strict and traditional apparel on the course. These are mainly headed up by current professional golfers that have an issue with the still strict guidelines.

This is a womens golf attire etiquette subject that has not fully arrived and is not fully accepted however, so please make sure to find out what course or club at which you are planning to play and check the dress code so as not to embarrass your fellow golf buds co workers or worse clients or employers by getting kicked out or not let on.

Follow our tips and advice also on what to wear to a golf outing woman appropriate. We are starting to see amazing colors, shorter skirts and skorts and the sleeveless tops, so if you want to be very colorful and fun for now, just make sure the course you like to play on is accepting of this "new code."

Trying to Achieve Etiquette by Body Type

Trying to achieve Womens golf attire etiquette can be difficult with certain body types.  Some women are very full figured, have large breasts or are tall.  These can pose issues for example, with plunging necklines, too much cleavage, skirts, dresses and skorts being too short, etc. 

  • TALL WOMENS GOLF PANTS - as well as Skirts, skorts and dresses.  Long legs are a blessing and a curse in golf because they can make those pieces that fit other gals too short on you!  Our womens golf attire etiquette research finds that readers have suggested EP Pro for 19 inch length items and EP pro styles are available on AmazonJamie Saddock for tall sizes and SPF protection, Jofit brand offers many styles of skorts and skirts in a long length here.

  • BRANDS FOR CURVY GOLFERS or PLUS SIZE - this applies to shapely hipslarge breasts or just issues you would like to flatter.  some of the brands recommended by readers are Sporthaley.com and NancyLopezgolf.com for the plus size styles for a curvy or thick golfer.  Busty brands recommended are San Soleil and NancyLopezgolf.com. Jamiesadokstore.com also has XL and XXL sizes.

  • PETITE AND ATHLETIC BUILDS - If you are very thin or just shorter but with an athletic build, many clothes can be loose or saggy in the rear or arms as some contributors have stated.  One highly rated petite fit golf skort brand is Golftiniwear.com.  Also the polos from Coolibar.com are mainly advertised for the SPF, but they are a great fit for petite gals and there is a new "golf polo"that they have come out with recently.  For petite pants, one strong vote was for Underarmour.com and search by sport.

  • WAVING ARMS 3/4 SLEEVE SHIRTS AND LOOSE SKIN - There are many 3/4 sleeve options and also long sleeve tops if you would like to hide a more mature arm or a "wavy" tricep or maybe you have loose or crepey skin due to age or weight loss. An adorable 3/4 sleeve brand is Monterey Club and it is very affordable as well, you can find this cute leopard look on Amazon as well as other colors and styles.

I have provided photos and links on this page to items that are available following womens golf attire etiquette guidelines.  You can shop and choose from these items if you wish.

If you are old fashioned, plus size or have certain concerns regarding your body type, breast size etc than what I have addressed here, please contact me and let me know what you would be interested in me writing about.

Just remember if it is appropriate for the office, it is probably acceptable for the course.  If you are invited to play golf  with friends or co workers and don't know what to wear to a golf outing you may already have the clothes you need for golfing. 

To follow womens golf attire etiquette guidelines, opt for some dress slacks and a collared dress shirt with some low minimalist tennis shoes (leather sketchers slip on shoe is a good example).

LPGA Dress Code 2019

If you reach this page and I have not updated this womens golf attire etiquette page with the current dress code, please contact me here and let me know.  As of this page build for you, the last update of the code was July 2017 at LPGA.com.

Dress code is always a touchy subject involving women, because lets be very "Frank" sex sells.  Sexy athletes sell clothing, fashion, equipment, shoes and so much more.  Attractive sport figures are the key to any sport related merchandise kingdom. They can sell anything from makeup to protein powder, heck even deodorant and cereal.

So, when enforcing a dress code and maintaining some form of womens golf attire etiquette, the question remains, do you chase off all of the trendy millennial generation that is attracted to the new athletes style to keep with tradition and just continue to entertain and appeal to the older generations only?

When this particular LPGA dress code was sent out, Paige Spriranac wrote her own response to the code by saying the new regulations were "stifling the growth of the women's game."  Her points stem mainly from an athlete perspective in that if they have allowed female tennis players to wear clothing that can adapt to extreme movement in often extreme climates for extended periods of time, than why is the same courtesy not fully accepted for women in golf?  These women are also very much athletes. They spend countless hours in the gym and on the course perfecting their sport just as any other respected professional.

She also felt that certain body types were being targeted or affected by these rules because some women had certain physical features that others do not and those features may not be able to fall into the LPGA dress guidelines in a way in which they had control over.  In other words if a woman has big breasts, they have no control over that, are they supposed to strap them down to avoid having too much plunge or cleavage showing?  Emailed rules from LPGA.com player president:

  • Racerback tops are allowable with a collar only
  • NO Plunging necklines (define this please?)
  • NO Leggings, unless under a skort or shorts
  • Must NOT see YOUR BOTTOM (define this please?) Skirts and Skorts must be long enough to cover the buttocks when standing or bending over. 
  • Quoted from people.com written by Colleen Kratofil: "Appropriate attire should be worn to pro-am parties. You should be dressing yourself to present a professional image. Unless otherwise told “no,” golf clothes are acceptable. Dressy jeans are allowed, but cut-offs or jeans with holes are NOT allowed."
  • Jeans or workout clothing or gear are NOT allowed 
  • Sweats and joggers are NOT allowed.

So, the violation fine for this code was noted at $1000 per offense and threatened to double with each offense.

LPGA Dress Code Violations

LPGA dress code violations are a huge topic and the controversy seems to go hand in hand with the discussion that women in golf earn approximately 80% less than their male counterparts.

According to the Sportster.com, here are your top offenders:

Blair O'Neal - Blaironeal.com

Cheyenne Woods - Instagram.com/cheyenne_woods/

Michelle Wei - Michellewei.com

Elise Lobb - facebook.com/EliseLobb/

Sharmilla Nicollet - instagram.com/sharmilanicollet

Lucy Robson - facebook.com/LucyRobsonGolf/

In lieu of the fines that can be given out, sometimes our golf gals are finding it more profitable to take the risks and to sport the bold and brazen new styles from sponsors which may include tank tops showing their shoulders, shorter skorts, mesh see through fabrics boasted at Foraygolf.com and not so conservative colors and patterns celebrated by Loudmouthgolf.com. 

In many cases if is also more financially and publicity smart to show of their beautifully sculpted and or shapely full athletic physiques.  This is what gains the professional athletes popularity which in turn increases the sport viewership, sells merchandise and event entries.

Thank you for visiting our golf attire etiquette page, please visit our golf blog if you have something to say or contribute

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