Ben Hogan on Reversing Every Natural Instinct for your Golf Swing

by Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan is famous for saying that if you reversed every natural
instinct for the golf swing then you would end up with a pretty good
golf swing.

And the secret move that Ben Hogan used after his 1949 car accident
to improve his ball striking is exactly that.

The secret move Hogan used after the car crash is the exact opposite
of what is commonly taught. It's the complete opposite of what is
natural. And yet, when you see it and try it, it makes the most sense
to make the golf swing as simple as possible.

This Sunday I'm releasing the newly updated version of The Stress-Free
Golf Swing. And when you get that you're going to for once and for
all have one key move in the golf swing that will drive your entire golf
swing, and give you great ball striking results from one game to the
next without you having to spend hours and hours practicing.

Another great golfer, Jack Nicklaus, has often said that you should
only have one thought as you're swinging. But the problem with that
advice is there's literally a million thoughts you could have as you're
swinging and there's no guarantees any of them will help you.

However, in The Stress-Free Golf Swing I give you just one thought
that powers your entire swing. It's a thought you can use out the golf
course every single game you play.

Hogan often said that he had to focus on his secret every shot and I
believe I know why. I share why in the newly updated Stress-Free
Golf swing that you will be able to get (on special too) on the 16th
of October, 2016.

I will be releasing the highly anticipated, updated copy in the Consistent
Golf Gazette on that day.

In the meantime, ask me any questions about The Stress-Free Golf
Swing by replying to this email. But if I don't answer your question
very quickly it will be because I am getting a lot of questions and I
won't have time to answer them all.

But I will answer one question I have been getting a lot now...

Can you get this updated version earlier than Sunday?

No, I will not be releasing the new version sooner than stated. No
one can get the newly updated version (including past customers)
until I release it on the 16th of October, 2016.

So look out for the Gazette on that day and then get this newly
updated version while it's on special. I have told previous Stress-Free
customers about the release of this new version and asked them
about their results with the old version. Here's just a small selection
of what they said...

"Hi Jeff, I have used the stress free golf swing for several months now
& it has improved my overall ball striking and contact. My handicap has
dropped several shots since purchasing the program.
Mark Brownlow"

"With this swing it does exactly what I am seeking for. it is very easy
to use all my shots fly straight as an arrow.

"Jeff, Have enjoyed Stress-Free Golf Swing it has helped me get my
handicap down from 21 to 15. I have been a more consistent striker
of the ball reducing the slice/fade considerably. I now have better
swing thoughts than before instead of being baffled by the immense
conflicting knowledge on the internet. Many thanks keep the good
work up!
Paul Murray"

"Hi Jeff, I've enjoyed the simplicity of the stress-free golf swing. It's
single swing thought approach gives me confidence standing over the
ball, and my GIR Stat has improved significantly since I started working
with it.
Richard Moffatt"

I hope you have a great weekend and I'll speak to you on Sunday.

For Consistent Golf,

Jeff Richmond
Creator of The Stress-Free Golf Swing

P.S. Here's what another person had to say after using the old Stress-Free

"Hi Jeff, Since implementing Hogan's move, not only has my ball striking
improved, but my handicap is down 8 strokes too! The "big miss" is pretty
rare anymore and the score card (and betting chips) show it off. Thanks for
sharing your findings with us. This little change had a much bigger impact
on my swing, and scoring game, then several other programs and books
that are now collecting dust on my shelf.
Thanks again!
Tory Nelson, CO"

Remember to look out for the Consistent Golf Gazette on Sunday, because
in that there will be all the information you need on how to get newly
updated Ben Hogan Stress Free Golf Swing

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