Creative Things to do in Las Vegas While following the Coronavirus Social Distancing Rule



Creative things to do in Las Vegas while following the Covd Coronavirus Social Distancing Rule which is leaving many stuck at home and stuck at home with kids!

I will be adding to this daily as I go stir crazy and want to help others deal with this crisis.

CLEAN YOUR INBOX! Unsubscribe to email campaigns that at filling up your inbox – watch the videos you never had time to, read the emails you never had time to, decide what is important and what you aren’t going to buy for a while and “unsubscribe”

VIRTUAL MEETUPS or GAME NIGHTS or WINE DOWNS You can still skype or facetime your friends with wine nights, comedy, bible study, book club, DIY or craft ideas, cooking classes, talk about life event work out together. There are already many “virtual meetups” popping up on Some ideas for platforms are facetime, skype, ,, cisco webex,, zoom. It is easy just Google Free online meeting software.

Do that long overdue OIL treatment on your scalp and Hair to promote hair growth, some recipe ideas are here: and you can leave it on because no one will see your oily hair!

Get your personal training certification – I am getting mine from a Groupon deal and you can even get the CPR certification needed from Groupon!

Upload ALL of those photos on your phone that you took of food, items and places you visited to Pinterest and Instagram and start building your following. Don’t forget to add content and keywords as well as locations # hashtags and @ signs to drive traffic.

Upload all those videos you have taken to your Youtube channel! If you don't have a Youtube channel, create one and learn to customize it through Free learning at Youtube academy

Get outside in nature! Where can you hike in Las Vegas? Mount Charleston has some effects from the outbreak closures, such as Spring Mountain Ranch and the Lodge and Ski Resorts, but you can still go enjoy the scenery in many areas and hike or sled. Please visit for regular updates to what is open or follow their twitter feed @ Valley of Fire is another great getaway. The park remains open for day use only, there is no overnight camping at this time. Please visit their site for regular updates before travelling there You can also go to many parks around Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, but most of the sports facilities will be locked, remember to do your part and keep your 6 feet of social distancing for the safety of others. A great website for more areas to go visit in Nevada for a day trip is Again please check the current statuses of these areas before travelling to them.

Sleep in I have been doing this several days now.

Workout – Free on Youtube, anything from yoga to weight lifting. Speed drills, swimming, you name it, FREE! Now You have the time, no excuses.

Take that class you never had time for – Check Groupon too. Groupon has IT certifications, event planning, management, medical billing, health and nutrition and there are other schools Like the Interior design Institute for example. Fulfill a goal you did not have time to accomplish while you were living the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Join live cooking classes

Make a home made beauty treatment, google home made beauty treatments and make something special for yourself that you don’t want to spend the money on.

Make something out of all that scrap wood in the garage, I made a gorgeous bathroom shelf in a custom size out of scrap wood and old chalkboard paint I had leftover.

Prune your plants, bushes and trees. Clean up your yard and wipe down your furniture for the warm weather to come.

Clean out that closet, donate and get the receipts for your taxes. Some places will pick up so you don’t risk violating social distancing.

Sell things on Ebay Package them via automated postal kiosks or have free boxes delivered from USPS. Other ways to make money are poshmark, Mercari, etsy, Facebook, just be creative on how to get paid first and then ship or drop off!

Start a Website or Blog, I have started posting my ideas and all the photos and videos I never had time to before to my website and Youtube channel. I even created custom channel art that I never had time to before.

Take the family for a walk, go to the park. My son taught me to throw a baseball and I got great cardio running for it every time I missed!

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