Eclipse Theater Comedy Show Every Thursday at 8:30pm

by Philip Peredo
(Las Vegas NV USA)

Eclipse Theaters is an upscale, concierge-style venue, showing first run movies in any of eight auditoriums, often adding independent films and live music in the lounge to round out the night for couples and groups looking for an all in one entertainment experience.

Guests can experience in-theater food and beverage service throughout the film. The VIP Prime seats are equipped with a convenient call button to request your server anytime. Items from the same great menu can also be ordered at the bar, in the dedicated lounge area, or on the outdoor patio.

Imagine dim lighting, accentuated with comfortable seating sectioned to create romantic enclaves in some areas and open bar seating in others. The lounge is perfect for relaxing before or after a film.

Eclipse Theaters showcases independently supported film projects in a venue with the exclusivity and elegance expected from an award show or movie premiere. Our flexible programming also allows for mini-concerts, intimate comedy shows, private parties, corporate mixers, indie films, and much more.

Order tickets for the Comedy Show every Thursday at 8:30 pm or

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