Fast Fix For This #1 Golf Swing Fault

Fast Fix For This #1 Golf Swing Fault

By Susan Hill

Can you guess one of the top swing faults shared by way too many golfers?

It's an all upper body swing. If you have experienced this too, it simply means your swing is mostly derived from your upper body with not enough engagement from your core, hips or legs.

Keep in mind that power is generated from the ground up. When a golfer misses the opportunity to use his or her lower body efficiently, they also miss out on an opportunity to generate more power and more distance off the tee.

Some of the reasons why a golfer ends up with a tendency to swing with mostly their upper body include:

not enough core strength
tight hips and lower body
poor movement in lower body
If you can relate to this, then try this one stretch once a day for a week and see what happens. I call it the "L Stretch" because both legs look like an L when they are positioned correctly.

This stretch is great for your hips, low back, and hamstrings. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs in the L position and your back straight. Hold in your stomach muscles slightly. Begin lowering yourself with your chest moving towards your forward knee. Be sure to keep your head up and back straight. Your glute muscles should stay in contact with the floor. 21 Yards in 21 Days

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