Las Vegas Barter Pre Launch - Offers Free Membership

Las Vegas Barter and Trade Exchange

Las Vegas Barter and Trade Exchange

Las Vegas Barter Pre Launch - Offers Free Membership

What is Las Vegas Barter?

In the exciting time when the stay is lifted Las Vegas Barter is a membership that will launch and provide a great connection for business owners to trade products and services while keeping their cash.

Barter is a system of exchange where participants in a transaction directly exchange products or services for other products or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money. As a member of Las Vegas Barter, you earn trade dollars when you sell your product. You can then go spend those trade dollars with any other member.

Many small businesses and individual services have been hit hard in their cash flow during this time and this Las Vegas Barter limited time FREE membership is a great way to help our community businesses become great again faster while we recover from this cash flow hardship.

Other similar competitors locally doing barter exchange are charging members $800 to join while we are striving to do something to offer good will for the future of our residents, business owners and individuals offering services that are going to need help getting started again.

Please visit our website at and join our newsletter to stay updated, meet other members, and get information to join our weekly zoom and Facebook live events.

**We don’t share your email address with anyone. We hate spam too.

Las Vegas Barter is mobilizing to help small and medium sized businesses in Las Vegas reopen with new customers waiting for them to re open and offering them a way and a head start to increase their cash flow faster for a quicker recovery from the shut down.

Another great benefit of this membership are the relationships! The people you are connecting your business and your goods to are all local business owners like you. Like you, they know a lot of people and are influential in our community. LVB introduces you to a larger, highly sought after audience resulting in an increase in your brand awareness.

We also help you sell excess capacity. If you’re a restaurant, you can have more tables filled. If you are a carpet cleaner, we can bring you more customers. n short, LVB brings you more revenue; most business owners would rather pay their cost of goods or trade their time for services or products they are looking for. LVB helps you save your cash by using trade dollars.

Now we need each other more than ever! So we are waiving the normal (one time) membership fee of $295 until further notice. Keep your cash! Trade for the products and services you need. Visit and Please contact us via our contact information on our website if you have any questions!

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Apr 04, 2020
Las Vegas Barter
by: Anonymous

I just saw an article on Bloomberg that bartering has increased 30% over the past month. This is a great service to the community.

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