Local Review of the Kitchen Table in Las Vegas 2016

by Beth
(Henderson, NV)

Cheese Crepe

Cheese Crepe

Local Review of the Kitchen Table in Las Vegas 2016.

Hi all this is Elizabeth at Live in Las Vegas NV and I wanted to share my experience at this cute place located in Henderson Nevada that I had driven by a hundred times but never stopped in.

The location is great if you know the area, otherwise you would probably never see it. The Kitchen Table is located directly across from MacDonald Highlands high end gated community just east of Green Valley Ranch. It is pretty much a strip mall however not your typical strip mall, as the businesses are more office type of companies as opposed to dining, shoppping or grocery stores. They have a corner location which offers some outside space for seating and the area is decorated nicely.

I had read the menu online and really wanted to go here someday as it sounded delicious.

My first mistake was deciding to go on Fathers day. I am not sure how the place is on a non holiday, but we went at 930 trying to beat the rush and had to wait two hours. There is seating for about 3 people to wait inside, so the rest of everyone waiting had to wait in what was this day blazing heat.

One nice thing, is that they have a little grab and go counter from which you can get a beer or mimosa and other drinks plus a vast array of quick gourmet bakery items such as their infamous monkey bread. This is nice, especially if you are going to wait 2 hours.

We tried the rum coffee cake, the donut and the blackberry mimosa. My husband had a beer, I forgot what kind. The coffee cake and mimosa were great the donut, not so much. More like semi sweet bread... anyway dont get the donut, you have 15 other choices.

When we were finally seated, we had to sit outside because the place is small and they had a table of 20 seated inside which took up half of the place which is funny because we were told they dont take reservations.

This was my 2nd big mistake which was sitting outside in the miserable Las Vegas heat. They have no misters which they certainly could use, and they also have a huge blue storage bin out on the patio that looks like a huge trash bin and is an eyesore.

I ordered the empenadas, my husband had breakfast tacos and my son had a cheese crepe (so basically a quesadilla). The food was absolutely delicous! The sad part is we ate fast and left because we had waited so long and we were dripping sweat outside, that we just were not enjoying this meal at all.

Sadly this kind of started our fathers day out on a poor note.

Suggestions for this business: Put a clock on the door like Disneyland which states the wait time. Then if your customers dont like it, they can leave and not come in and bother you.

Second, put some misters outside. This is very necessary this time of year (June) as well as July August September and even sometimes October.

Put your trash bin away, it doesnt belong in the customers view or the drive by traffic :)

I may or may not go again, just due to the fact that I didnt have an amazing experience. If I do go, I will call first for a wait time.

The Kitchen Table is located at
1716 Horizon Ridge Parkway Suite 100
Henderson, Nevada 89012

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