Mulligan House Cooperstown New York Vacation Rental Review June 2019

by Elizabeth
(Las Vegas, NV)

Mulligan House Cooperstown New York Vacation Rental Review June 2019

This house was rented through a private company so I could not post an honest review, so I am using my own website to post this on my blog.

**Do not rent this house if you have allergies or asthma, or children with asthma, there is mold and mildew like stench on the property and it smells strongly of this when you walk in and must be aired out every day to tolerate it when you arrive back that day. My husband pulled out a pillow from the closet and the underside had black sploches that looked like mold all over it. There are large black ants and various bugs on the property, it is surface clean, but the window sills are webbed and dirty with bugs and the deck furniture is dirty and the vents and air filters are filthy as well as blinds. The carpet appears to be decades old. There is a window air conditioner in the living room and several fans. The space is nice but extremely dated which would be fine if it were properly cleaned. The deck out back is not private, there is someone that comes almost daily to work in the garage back there, see pics, he can be heard and seen from the king room so you have to shut your blind when you are changing, so the 5 acres of land may be true, but someone is using the massive garage within 50 ish feet and they are noisy and can be seen when you are out on your patio. Plus trailers and tractors, see my pics

I always try to be fair on my reviews, so the good is that this home is spacious.

The advertising on does not show accurate pics of the condition nor an area to post honest reviews. Tripadvisor will not allow a post of a review without the rental being posted on their website.

The Mulligan house in Cooperstown New York listing is somewhat inaccurate. There is one side of the home with a queen bed in one room, the room right next to it has a king and there is a nice sized bathroom right there in the hall by those two bedrooms. This bathroom has a tub shower combo. The water pressure is very low, but they do have a shower head on this shower that emits a much stronger shower pressure making the shower good. It is a water conserving type of shower head, so don't expect a rain shower. The linens are clean, there are towels provided and 2 rolls of toilet paper. If you need more, go buy it, you are 4 minutes from downtown Cooperstown and 2.5 minutes to the dreams park and about 2 minutes from the grocery store. There are a lot of items left behind by previous renters such as coffee filters you DO not need to buy.

There is a coffee pot, microwave, stove, fridge, washer and dryer.

The other side of the home has a double bed with an en suite bathroom that has a shower. I believe this room says it is a queen in the listing, the room with the private bath is in fact a double bed. This room is very small and the bathroom is very small.

There is also a pull out sofa that could sleep two in the living room.

There is a large living room, large kitchen and a room off of the dining area with a fireplace. The landscaping is beautiful just like the surrounding area. The price is affordable and you get what you pay for in this Mulligan House Cooperstown New York rental near Cooperstown Dreams Park.

The area is amazing, the location of this home is perfect if they would detail clean it and bug spray and replace the carpet and air filters. Also make the outdoor patio private so that people can hang out and not be disturbed or watched. It is super close to the Dreams Park, super close to shopping and liquor store, and 4.5 minutes from down town shopping and dining.

Ultimately I like the house, but would get a hotel next time if it was in this same condition. It is not rentable in my opinion for the health and safety of renters. Contact me if you would like all of the pictures at

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