Sound of Music and The Smith Center Review 2016 Local Visit

by Beth
(Henderson, NV)

Visiting the Smith Center Las Vegas

Visiting the Smith Center Las Vegas

Sound of Music and The Smith Center Review 2016 Local family outing.

***If you are afraid of heights, dont get balcony seats!! I just about died, had a panic attack and sat sweating for about 1.5 hours of the show until I could calm down enough to watch.

That being said, The Smith Center is Amazing. Gorgeous, massive and elegant. It makes you feel rich just being in the building. They have a few bars inside with beer and wine and mixed cocktails. The balcony floor has its own two bars and there are several cozy seating areas set up with tables. The views outside are gorgeous also and there is an outside balcony you can step out on and enjoy.

The seating staff was helpful and professional as well as the ticket counter staff.

For a few negatives, the bars are under staffed and you have to make a choice to get a drink or go to the bathroom at intermission, because there is not enough time to do both. They need a few more bartenders.

Also, for as elegant as a place that this is, they need some type of appetizers or classy food choices. They had M n M's, candy bars and nuts. I would recommend following suit with the fancy movie theaters and increasing the type of appetizer options for this type of crowd.

Some ideas are:

To go Sushi trays
Cracker, cheese and Grape trays
finger sandwiches
gourmet flatbread squares

As far as the Sound of Music musical itself, it was amazing. The talent is extaordinary. The music brought back many memories in childhood for me and my eldest child. Even my 9 year old loved seeing the kids dancing and singing.

It is a must see!

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