The Protein House on Eastern in Las Vegas Left Me Disappointed

The Protein House on Eastern in Las Vegas Left Me Disappointed

My hubby and I are kind of health nuts, by that I mean we work out 5-6 days per week and eat a 98% non processed vegan diet.

I was with my son at Sams Club right nearby and was starving, so I thought that I would go out and check out the Protein House. I thought for sure it would be a healthy menu that I could get something I would not regret eating.

Walking in the Protein House, I felt a little uncomfortable, there was a huge guy, likely a body builder or fighter hovering over the cashier, and he didn't seem extremely friendly. But, I did take this as a good sign that bodies were the focus in this place and I liked that.

I was right, it is a healthy menu, however I do have a problem with a place that calls itself the "Protein House" or "Greens and Proteins" for that matter and they have not gotten with the times, that a lot of people do not eat meat anymore. This place does get "kudos" for having a vegan protein on the menu, which Greens and Proteins does not, but its vegetarian and vegan options for food are a little on the "down low."

Why don't you have tofu options for your salads, bowls, etc? or Gardein? Heck the Yardhouse has an entire Gardein menu, get a clue!

They have a black bean and quinoa veggie burger and a veggie bowl. The veggie bowl can be quinoa or brown rice and I love both, but they don't come with a sauce. So, I asked what the sauce was and they looked at me like I was crazy. It doesn't come with a sauce they said, do you want a sauce on the side, and I said yes. What do you have?

The girl was very nice and said we have bbq, teriyaki, balsalmic, blah blah many others. Ok, so I went with teriyaki as I am vegan and I figured this would be the least likely to get messed up with some cheese or cream or something so I chose that one. I specifically asked for NO mushrooms, its the one veggie that I hate.

I had to ask how to get my bottle of water and it was uncomfortably quiet in there while I waited for my food, except for the massive TV with the SF 49r's game on and my six year old which were great contributions to the action. They have a table set up in the back that appears to be their office, I found that tacky... now I have some ideas if they want them to make that table cool and fit the theme, like make it a judges table, autograph table or nutrition booth or something, but to sit out there in the public like that is just unprofessional.

When I did receive my food, it was FULL of mushrooms, but I was starving and it wasn't meat or cheese so I attempted to pick them out as I went along. The veggies were gorgeous, asparagus, peppers, cauliflower, zucchini and the quinoa was cooked perfectly. My only suggestion is for them not to cut the veggies up so small, this is the main part of the veggie dish and they were diced teeny tiny seeming like I was still missing the main dish.

Oh, the sauce... well the first sauce was my teriyaki and it looked creamy! How does teriyaki get creamy? I don't know, but I'm not eating it. I asked for something else, I got the balsamic. It looked chunky and not like any balsamic I have ever seen. So, unfortunately my opinion on the sauces is very poor. If you serve a bowl of any kind, don't you need a sauce?

I guess I'm the only one who ever asked for a sauce as they looked at me like an alien when I asked for one. Last but not least. SALT. I know, its not the best for you, but I need flavor on my food.

At the Protein House, I walked around and found pepper but no salt. And, they couldn't find salt. I mean I know you are a bunch of manly and womanly body builder types, but 99% of the population wants some salt on their food.

They finally found me some in the kitchen in a cabinet and had to put it in a little dish for me. Wow, Gordon Ramsay would have had a hay day with that episode.

All in all, I appreciate the whole idea of the place, its supposed to be trendy and focused on body building, but they have to be realistic that the bodybuilding population is such a small percentage of their potential revenue, that they have to open their minds to all the other healthy people out there that might want to eat there.

After today, I will not go back, unless of course I see a change of the way I was treated or (sized up), the menu and the atmosphere. Otherwise if they were going on food only, minus the mushroom mistake, the food concept is one that I would love!

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