TopGolf Las Vegas Is Set To Open in a Few Weeks 2016 - More than a Driving Range!

TopGolf Las Vegas Is Set To Open in a Few Weeks 2016 - More than a Driving Range!

When is Topgolf going to open? Late May

What is so great about Topgolf? Well, it is way more than a driving range. It is 4 levels of fun filled action.

First the range has fun competitive games involving challenges such as several that use hitting targets for points, or going up against an experienced player to see where you measure up and a high powered driving distance game. The balls are microchipped to keep track of your scores and points.

There are 108 climate controlled hitting bays to avoid the LV heat.

If you dont feel like playing, just eat and drink with tons of HDTV's and 5 bars and food and 2 pools with cabanas. There are plenty of things to do while you wait for your golfing buddies. Surprisingly the food menu prices arent horribly inflated like most venues down there, but the cocktails are still double what you would pay in a locals joint :)

According to Topgolf Las Vegas website, up to 700 or 800 people can play golf at once! You can check out their videos, food and event planning at Topgolf Las Vegas

They have a concert venue and private meeting rooms for special events as well.

This place sounds like another awesome thing for Las Vegas tourists to do.

I definitely will go check it for sure, it always depends on how well they handle the amount of people they have there at one given time. If it is a huge place, but the space is managed well and it doesn't feel like a smoky, crowded typical LV venue then it will be more attractive to locals and we might go again. And of course, if the food is good. I have one complaint, why is the vegetarian dish always a portobello mushroom burger? I hate mushrooms!

They have made it slightly off of the strip on a street behind the MGM which makes it a little easier to access.

I am always excited to see venues like Topgolf open here in Las Vegas regardless because it blesses our economy with originality and constant growth and opportunity.

Welcome! TopGolf!

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