Vegan Dining in Laughlin Nevada as told by us at Live In Las Vegas

This is a small vegan dining experience that we wanted to share about our overnighter in Laughlin Nevada. We decided to head out for a day to take the waverunner out. It is about 1 hour and 20 minutes to Laughlin from our home. We got a suite at Harrah's for a whopping $125 dollars! It was a great room, not as clean as we are used to in Vegas, but very spacious and upgraded.

Now about eating, first of all, always try to pack your typical peanut butter, jelly on Ezekiel, your home made protein bars and popcorn snacks, triscuits, etc, because it is extremely hard to travel and eat out at all and maintain your complete vegan "inity". Mainly because you really do not know what they are putting in your food unless you are in the kitchen.

Harrahs served us a veggie burger beachside that was very good! Did it have eggs in it? or cheese? That I dont know... it was not a fake meat burger, but really full of veggies.

For dinner we ate at Harrah's mexican restaurant Baja Blue. This place offers a vegetarian section on the menu. But the beans they serve you with the chips, dont eat them, they are made with lard and chorizo. The black beans served on the vegetarian dinners are vegetarian, but if you dont ask, they come with a dollop of melted cheese on them. Also get the red rice... the white rice is made with butter and cheese. EX: if you order the vegan dishes, change out the rice. Other than that, it was very good!

Here is a copy of their menu

Good news is, we didnt starve on this trip! We also had breakfast at the buffet there, and there were tons of salads, black beans, potato dishes and fruit to fill us up.

Until next blog....have a blessed day!

Elizabeth Hammack
Live in Las Vegas NV

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