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The Las Vegas Marathon has become a household name! The marathon is one of the oldest in the United States and has existed since 1967. Make it a challenging and social event for yourself by hob nobbing with great celebrities and enjoying the Vegas scene.

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This race usually takes place in November or December.  It is now known as the Run Rock N Roll race series and includes a 5k a 10k a half marathon and a full.  All ages are invited to attend from age 12 to 80 plus!

Las Vegas goes all out to make this event a success.  The city arranges amazing locations, music and entertainment and attracts celebrities and elite athletes from around the world.  Don't let this intimidate you, beginners are welcomed and adored!  

No expense is spared to provide for the participants.  There is also transportation available from several locations. It would not be a Sin City event without being able to get married during it also would it?  Yes, you can have a run through wedding during the race.

Las Vegas Marathon Main Website

  • Here is your link to the main site page so that you can keep updated each year on changes of date and location.

You will find everything you need here for race dates, location, registration information, age requirements and groups, rules, parking, gear check, time limits, booths, lost and found, run through weddings, medical, awards, transportation to and from certain locations, photos and more. 

  • Upgrade to the VIP experience and get spoiled with food and cocktails and much more! VIP Runner

The course is so much fun with the runners now enjoying many of the crazy city’s most well-known site, The Strip. Dont miss it, if you don't feel you can run the whole marathon you can always run the half marathon

Other Great Las Vegas Runs

  • - Town Square 6605 S Las Vegas Blvd. December 5th dress up like Santa and run for Charity.

Thank you for visiting and Let us Know if you are braving the race so that we can pass on Kudos to you!

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