Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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The Las Vegas Motor Speedway opened in 1996 and is one of the many locals objects of pride and joy. With 1200 acres built for screaming machines draws about 250,000 visitors per year. 

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We are so proud of this venue that we can not say enough. From hosting famous and amazing races to supporting the Speedway Children's Charity our town track has demanded its place among the elite.

When the races are here it not only benefits our resorts and casinos, but also the rest of our economy. The raceway can lure thousands of visitors to Las Vegas and these visitors are eating out, booking hotel rooms and also buying gas and souvenirs.

There are many more events that take place here other than races, you can book a track tour for only $8 bucks. Take Nascar Racing Experience, ride in a 600 horsepower NASCAR race car or for the uber brave. try the lap driving experience visit here to book your turn behind the wheel.

And, last but not least, they have Dream Racing. This is where you learn to drive via a 3-D simulator, then get behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 GT racecar. They also have a similar experience called Exotics Racing if you want to go to Lamborghini or Porsche racing school.

Dont Miss NASCAR WEEKEND 2016 March 4 to March 6

Clubhouse seats are premium, but there is plenty of excitement. Tickets To All NASCAR Events! Also get up to the minute info on parking, buses, special events, etc by visiting this informational page.

NHRA Fall Nationals October 24th Drag racing nationals competition, visit here for tickets 

Official Las Vegas Motor Speedway Website

If you prefer the "real thing" feel free to visit the main website, preview some history of racing and the track. 

Tickets are selling now for NASCAR. Get them here NOW! Tickets To All NASCAR Events!

Wikepedia gives you the full scoop on the history of this famous venue in this article.

The best news of all is that all of the bars, casinos and hotels will be catering to you on your visit to the races. Look for plenty of food and beer or alcohol specials while you are here and please feel special, because you are!

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