Protein Supplements for Children 
and Other Sneaky Ideas 

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If you are looking for protein supplements for children, you are probably having the same difficulties that I am as a parent with an extemely picky child, or a child that is lacking in good nutrition due to health factors.

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Well, I have great ideas to help you supplement your childs nutrition in sneaky ways via protein drinks for kids and other fabulous ideas. I am talking about their protein directly here, but please visit my Nutrition for Kids page for the rest of my secrets!

I have a son that is pretty much a vegetarian non vegetable eater. He will NOT eat anything healthy, at least with his own knowledge that is...

Basically, he eats nothing that is a regular part of most children's diets. So, how do we feed these growing bodies? Thanks to modern nutrition, there are some great advances.

***Notice to my REGULAR VISITORS, My family and I have decided to pursue a vegan diet..I realize everyone does not follow this same belief, so I have kept the information here for you that you may be looking for. If you would like to know why we made the switch, please rent Forks Over Knives Documentary.

Sneaky Liquid Egg Whites

    I am not suggesting just regular egg whites here, there are creations by  companies that actually heat pasteurize the eggs to kill any salmonella and to neutralize the Avidin to help the human body safely digest the eggs and so that you can use them RAW! The particular brand I am speaking of here is called Egg Whites International.  However, I have shown you some other great egg white protein options here as well.

    A child should consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day per several articles I have read just to give you an approximate estimate.  I have found that Orgain plant based shakes taste very good to my son and along with the great protein content, they also have fruits and vegetables in them. 

    You can not taste these raw egg whites, as a matter of fact they add a little "fatty" or "creamy" texture to things and actually improve the end product. So, what do you put them in because your child WILL NOT EAT EGGS?

    You put them in milk or juice
    Put them in smoothies
    Put them in cereal milk
    Put them in instant breakfast in the am

    This protein supplements for children find, is cheaper than any protein shakes or protein powder products you are probably buying right now.  A little goes a long way with this product.  It has also made a name for itself by being pretty pure and not having the cholesterol, etc that goes along with a regular egg.

    There are no preservatives added, in one quarter of a cup, you are delivering 6.5 grams of protein, there is zero fat or cholesterol and it is odorless and tasteless. 

    Last but not least, it comes in a pump for the fridge. No cooking (remember they are pasteurized), no pouring, just reach in the fridge and pump into your cup or bowl.

    They have recommended this product to patients with Cystic Fibrosis to help parents that are not only struggling with nutrients for their children, but also what other bad things they may have to consume to get those nutrients. 

    You can also find powder forms of protein supplements for children that are tasteless and some that are flavored such as Vanilla or chocolate.  Which I have placed some examples here below, I do love Amazon for obvious reasons, but another favorite of mine is Vitacost.  Try retailmenot anytime you shop for cash back and discount codes.

Things they might already be eating ...

    Yogurt or gogurts, nuts and milk are things they may already be eating, but read your labels. Compare an organic soy yogurt or organic almond milk yogurt with 6 to 8 grams of protein to a dannon danimals 2 grams of protein and you have a huge margin for error here.

    I call it crap and my son knows it as crap. That means we get wholesome organic yogurt not Character Gogurts full of sugar (most sugar is bone char processed -Google it), preservatives and chemicals we can not pronounce that are robbed of their natural protein value and poisoning our bodies. 

    Although now a lot of "big brands" are touting new low sugar and organic, even plant based types.  I think all I am still missing now is a good plant based TUBE style yogurt.  

    If you are not VEGAN, try little beef or turkey jerky bites as protein supplements for children.  These are very easily packed in lunches, and they don't spoil like dairy based products.  

    We are looking for protein supplements for children, not sugar additives.

Protein Supplements For Children They Will Love

    Here are some wonderful types of products and ways to provide the nutrition your child needs in a way they will enjoy.  Orgain Kids Nutritional shake is an actual meal supplementing shake with veggies and fruits too. They also contain 21 vitamins and minerals.

    Every parent is also familiar with kids Clif Bars, but these are actually Plus Protein.  Give them a try in several flavors.  Kids Clif Bars with Protein.

Thank you for visiting protein supplements for children, and always know that less is more. I mean when you look at a food label, the less ingredients it has the better!

And if you cant read the ingredients or understand them, look them up. You will notice however that the best foods for your body often have very simple lables, for example: corn tortillas: corn, lime, salt.

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