Las Vegas is Underwater for Las Vegas Real Estate Blog

by Steven Kitnick
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Is short sale your solution? You may be able to help if you are a real estate professional and you may be able to help yourself by getting educated.

It is our duty as local real estate professionals, as a matter of fact our ethical promise to protect the interest of our clients! According to the Nevada Real Estate Division, a licensee can negotiate on behalf of a client with their leinholders, if they are a party to the clients real estate transaction. Meaning, that if they are not selling the clients home under a Duties Owed and listing contract, that they are not a party to the transaction.

Local and passionate educators, Jan O Brien, Steven Kitnick and attorney Robert Noggle train local real estate professionals in the short sale process and guiding their clients on alternatives to foreclosure.

The Nevada Real Estate Division is putting restrictions on what you are legally allowed to assist the public with when it comes to short sales and foreclosure assistance and they are requiring some certifications and education and in many cases special licensing. Learn from the best in the business. Are you or your clients using third party negotiators that may not be licensed to do these negotiations? You might want to research this.

Dont risk your license, lawsuits or peace of mind, be in the know.

Steven Kitnick
Steven Kitnick Seminars, LLC
Real Estate Edutainer
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