Nevada NRS waiver Outlawed Banks must provide Sellers Property Disclosure

by Anonymous

Buyers be aware, they can no longer force you to sign that NRS 113 waiver of your rights to a Sellers Real Property Disclosure

This took affect October 1, 2011. Nevada Law Prohibits the waiver of the sellers real property disclosure form. Seller can not require buyer to waive it and buyer can not waive it.

The sellers including banks and investors, etc are violating the law if they do not complete the form. NRS 113.130

So take a stand and dont be bullied around by these people. I have a personal situation in which there was water damage in a property that I saw and while I was there having a plumbing inspection, the Mold remediation and water damage vendor came to fix everything and they still sent the SRPD over saying they had no knowledge of any pre existing mold or water damage to the property.

Now, how could they not have know this if they had someone come fix it and paid them to fix it? This by the way was a fannie mae home and we are in the process of trying to see what can be done about the blatant lying on the sellers real property disclosure.

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