Real Estate Story, "Please Dont Call me Back!"

by Elizabeth Hammack
(Henderson, Nevada)

Today is May 29, 2015 and this is a funny real estate story, well sort of its actually a common occurrence for us in the Real estate field to deal with people like this.

Yesterday I got a call from a man in my farm telling me that he gets my mailers and that I "claim to be a specialist in the subdivision" but that there was nothing for sale in there. And I said, actually there are 17 homes for sale in there.

So, he says "I drive around and don't see one sign!" What are the addresses? I said, "sir I have an appointment in 15 minutes and I don't have the time to give you all of the addresses right now. If you have an email address or a fax # I can send this printout to you."

He says' "what? I'm not giving you anything! I don't want to be hounded by Realtors! I am not even giving you my name!" After dealing with people like these for 22 years, I just cant control myself anymore, I said' "so basically you want me to take my time out to give you a bunch of free information and you wont even tell me what your name is?" Needless to say he decided he would just drive around and he might call me back.

Sir, I don't want you to call me back, and if you have any family members like you, please don't have them call me either. I love this, I spend $1500 dollars a month marketing so that I can have people call me and tell me how I know nothing on my cell phone. Love it!

I put his ID in my phone as the subdivision name and ASS so I will know when he calls next time.

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