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Your complete guide to download and print a Las Vegas Hotels Map as well as see a complete collection of maps that you can view immediately to plan your visit to the strip. Click on any of the below links to find the best map for your plan.

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Las Vegas Hotels Map from different websites 


    Google collection - Where else would be the first place to go, here are about 100 plus different image maps for you, pick your favorite! Choose a map to print, or click on the images for website information.

Download A PDF

    Download Now Complements of the Las Vegas Review Journal, this is their very easy to read, open and print copy of the new strip and downtown. A handy tool!

Department of Tourism

  • Official Department of Tourism this map is interactive and you can click on the hotel for more information. Also get links to their maps for Las Vegas City, Nevada and Downtown.

Living in Las Vegas

  • Our Personal Page Link this is a page that has every single map you could need. From Hotels, downtown, strip, downtown, valley view, zip codes, you name it!

Las Vegas hotels map are abundant and in every shape and size. Some are interactive, some are downloadable and printable. Be careful not to copy as they may be copyrighted, that is why I provide you the links, like a one stop shop. 

Interactive Las Vegas Strip Map 

  • Interactive Maps whatever section of Vegas you plan to visit, get an interactive view.

The Old Downtown

    Las Vegas Insider gives us absolutely the BEST downtown view of all. Crisp details down to slot payouts!

There are hundreds of resources for any type of style you are looking for, here are a few other places to visit for their version, Downtown Las Vegas .

Do you need to use our public transportation? Here is the link for the maps and routes for our public services.

  • Printable map pages of the Las Vegas Bus Routes RTC routes
  • Old Vegas Chips you will almost want to print this one out and make a poster out of it.

Helpful Links:

    Visit Las Vegas your informational resource for everything from visiting, getting married, discounts and more

    Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce are you the information gathering type? This is a great link to the Chamber and all of their inside info on visiting and planning a vacation in sin city.

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