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Trip Ideas and More to Stretch Your Bucks!

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Money is always a critical factor in Cheap Family Vacations and is usually one of the most important factors in planning that precious annual outing for your family.  If you are lucky, you may get more than one a year!

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Elizabeth and Jacob Hammack with Jesse at California AdventureElizabeth and Jacob Hammack with Jesse at California Adventure

Our hope is that these tips can help you plan out things from transportation and dinner plans to the perfect destination for your family and still save some money.

My husband and I sacrifice for our vacations, but believe it or not, a lot of families do not take that precious time. It is "precious," so take it.  As a matter of fact studies show you will live longer for it. 

A few ways to stretch your vacation dollar:

Transportation:  Although rising gas and airfare prices make everything more expensive, there are still deals on transportation out there.  

 Some Ideas for Flight Savings Are:

  • Having a flexible schedule, choose a few days before or a few days after, or let them choose flexible dates for you on the flight search.
  • Adding a stop-over can keep ticket prices down.  Direct non stop flights are always more expensive. 
  • Compare Different Airports, for example, if you are going to San Francisco, is it cheaper to fly into Oakland or SFO?
  • Book well in advance.  The sooner, the cheaper, unless you are willing to wait until absolute last minute!
  • Compare discount airline booking sites for example Cheapo Air
  • Always compare the airlines direct site, they don't charge a booking fee, so you just might get a better deal.

There are a few major things to consider, plan ahead or book last minute. Total opposites but great money savers.

Getting the most "bang for your buck" can be as simple as a close to home destination, which will reduce a large portion of your travel expenses.

Driving can be cheaper than flying even at today's gas prices. When you reach your destination consider transportation options.


If you live in Las Vegas or Henderson 

you are lucky because they cater to locals. Deals abound for family vacation cheap options. In the summer, you can visit resort pools as a family for as little as $10 dollars. For example the M Resort pool offers kids and women are free, men are 10 bucks. They give you towels and you can spend all day at the pool like a hotel guest for this incredible deal!!! 

Or Green Valley Ranch Pool for $20 bucks! This is plush living for a dime. Why, well they count on you drinking and eating to make their dough, but if you stayed at the Sunset Station for $49 dollars and then drove over to Green Valley Ranch, you have an upscale family day for a budget price.   Or just stay at Sunset Station with Cabana rentals at the cheapest in town $25 dollars a day, this is awesome!

Always check local events calendars. You can find tons of festivals and food fairs for great prices.

Don't forget about good mass transit .. it can save big dollars on car rentals. Consider renting bikes, or even mopeds. And don't rule out boats, trains or even walking! In Vegas you have the Las Vegas Monorail.  


Lodging and Restaurants: 

When you make reservations for restaurants and lodging, always say, "I'm looking for Cheap Family Vacations or budget concious deals, do you offer group discounts?" Families are an important demographic in the tourism industry, and more organizations realize that being family-friendly pays.

Many tour companies offer discounts if you share your room with kids.  Some hotels charge a fee for a folding cot or roll Away, but we always bring a blowup mattress or sleeping bag.  They will always bring you extra blankets and pillows and you can save the money on a larger room!

To cut down on food costs, seek restaurants with kid's menus. Some restaurants, especially those in family-friendly resorts, let young children eat for free.

Get a room with a refrigerator, when you prepare some meals yourself, restaurant tabs won't be so high. And hotels with free breakfast buffets offer the most important meal of the day for no cost.

The number three restaurant for kid friendliness is Mimis cafe. They are recognized for their amazing kid menus and wipes for everyone.

Cheap Family Vacations Free Meals:

Most buffets in Las Vegas are free for kids under 4 and discounted up to 10. Usually...  It is not hard to shop around.  One crappy thing I have to mention in Vegas is that a lot of the strip resorts don't event have coffee in your room! (just had to mention that because it annoys me)

Red Roof Inn - Kids stay FREE

Embassy Suites - I love this place, huge rooms and free cook to order breakfast in the am, that saves a fortune for us probably about $80 bucks a day!

Staybridge Suites - Free breakfast buffet with Wolfgang Puck coffee

Discount Cheap Family Vacations Club

  • Save hundreds of dollars on each vacation
  • Make friends in other places
  • Go places you might not otherwise afford
  • Kids are often discounted or FREE  

If you are not sure where to take your family, visit 1001 Vacation Ideas on Pinterest to search what destinations would be right for you.

Try Travelocity for 100 Hotels Under $100! Book a Hotel on the Beach for Less than a Benjamin!

How about a great site that is everything discounted for Disney travel? Visit And don't forget historic sites, national parks, museums and local parks are a great way to plan cheap family vacations or should I say staycations on a budget.

A great resource for cheap things to do with children in Las Vegas can be found in my Las Vegas for Kids Page. I hope you enjoyed Cheap Family Vacations, come again!


If You Drink Alcohol

Pack alcohol for your room, wine, flasks or go to the ABC store or market to stock your room with these things, water too! 

You can always buy a soda cheap, but for $3-4 dollars for a bottle of water and $10-12 dollars for a glass of wine, you can really save by doing this.  I always pack red solo cups as well, but clear plastic might be more classy :)

I once had room service bring me a wine glass and it cost me $8 dollars for them to bring me the glass!

Thank you for visiting our page cheap family vacations, I hope we have helped you save some money!


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DISCLOSURE: This FREE resource site contains affiliate links & ads related to items my audience is interested in.  This enables me to support this site by sometimes earning a commission if you decide to make a purchase via these ads or links.