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Get a map of Las Vegas Strip, for FREE, choose which one below. Whether visiting Las Vegas or moving here, everyone can benefit from having one. It is great to know what is down there and more than likely, you will have visited the strip many times before moving to this great city.

I know you are not looking for a bunch of fluff, you just want what you came here for, so enjoy the numerous maps we have for you at your fingertips.

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You may or may not know that to Native Las Vegans, the strip most people are used to is the NEW Strip.  So, just in case you are looking for the "Old Strip" may, we call it Fremont Street.

Many years ago before they turned it into a closed street experience, we used to drive down Fremont Street and "Cruise the Strip." 

Now it is down town and I am giving you some map of Las Vegas Strip resources here of Down Town Las Vegas. Which by the way, they have revamped a lot of the bars, etc down there to be modernized, swanky hang outs.  I am not sure how I feel about the constant destruction of history in this town though.  We have destroyed so much history.

The whole area downtown is being revitalized and new restaurants, bars and hangouts are being opened or remodeled on a regular basis. Check out the top 7 must see new bars in down town LV. 

Down Town Las Vegas Maps - Fremont

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It also helps to see if you can plan a walking trip or if you will need to take a cab,, or rent a car everywhere.

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